March 11-15 training.Bench is showing glimpses of power.

March 11-15 training.Bench is showing glimpses of power.

Mar 28, 2014

I have modified the videos. I am only showing the bench and squat because I have nothing to offer on the dead besides boredom. Well actually it may be good for humor since it is a joke.


Here is the video for the week.

Squats March 11

430 2 sets 2 reps no wraps

485 3 reps high.

520 3 reps this set was slightly deeper                                                    “

550 3 reps (almost identical to previous set. Felt heavy)

315 5 reps 2 sets raw

Leg press

270,410,540 5 reps each set

I decided to add some leg press for a different feel. Didn’t feel I had a lot in tank after 550. Actually was a nice switch and may keep it like this for the remainder of the cycle.


Bench March 13

325 3 reps raw

360 3 reps   “

405 1 reps   “ 2 board(get a feel for heavier weight without stressing the shoulders with full range)

505 3 reps 3 board (shirt)

550   1 rep 2 board

590  2  reps 2 board (No video)

550 1 rep 1 board



275 5 reps

315 4 reps

Bench was FN awesome. Unfortunately I forgot to hit record but oh well it was a 2 board.  Felt strong and can’t wait for next week. Will be my last week of handling weight over 585 next week.

Deads March 15

425 3 reps

485 3 reps

510 2 reps

435 5 reps

Racks weight at knee


455 5 reps

545,635,675 3 reps


I am not really sure what is going wrong good week ,bad week. (good for me) Frustrated alittle but got to deal with it.


If I rate my workouts from 1-10 10 being the best.

Squat- 6.5

Bench 7

Dead- 5

Next week I expect BIGGER things. New shirt should be in. Bench to a one board again and big 2 board set. Also start handling some weights for 3 reps on all 3 movements.

BTW my dead sucks.



Till next week.

Focus First.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.


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