March 13th bench workout for Masters Worlds

March 13th bench workout for Masters Worlds

Apr 1, 2013

Heavy bench 5 weeks out.

Lifting at 5 pm

Felt good entering the workout  but was benching on a (Wednesday instead of Thursday)day’s less rest due to personal commitments. With heavy squats the night before  I knew I needed to counter the missing rest with extra calories and glutamine.


Started with raw warm-ups every 2 sets widing my grip to eventual competition grip.( belief is warming up triceps more effectively  with narrow grip then by time get to comp grip tris are pumped.)

155  2 sets 5 narrowest grip within one inch of inner knurl

245   2 sets 3  3 inches from knurl

335    1 set  3   pinky almost  touching outer ring

385    1 set  1  raw comp grip


Now I work into my new shirt. This is my second workout with it. Cutting reps by one per set to offset body fatigue from squatting previous night.

GOAL: full rep touching with control.

495  3 board 2 reps no wrist wraps( don’t believe should need wraps with first set EVER.

545 2 board 1 rep  w/wraps

590 2 board 1 rep w/wraps  big jump for me but tried conserving energy with less sets

545 1 board 1 rep w/wraps  goal was to do it smoother than previous week which I was successful. Was JACKED rep was easy considering the factors  and looked totally in control. Now ready for  FULL rep!!!!

560 no board 1 rep w/wraps Got the rep to touch and was able to lock out. A little slow somewhat hesitant but was tired. Butt was up but that was not my focus today.

Took off shirt.

Went to the RAM (large) did 3 sets


420 for 3

440 for 3

460 for 2


Then went to 320 for 10 reps pausing the 10th. NO RAM


Ended with narrow grip inclines

275 for 5

315 for 5


Workout overall  was good. Excited for next week. Already have game plan in head. Next week I focus on butt down. In a new shirt I believe in learning the shirt in phases. First is breaking in and learning the groove(down to a 1 board). Second is getting the weight to touch .Third the rules. Butt down and control. Too much to focus on in first workout .Get familiar with one thing before moving on.



Can’t make a snowman without a snowflake. Start small and build momentum.


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  1. Welcome to the website Pete! Glad to have you!

  2. Oh yeah Worlds for you is pretty soon! Dana has been working his tail off.

  3. Yes same here .I look forward to competing with Dana and the team!!

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