March 20-24. 605 2 board high light of the cycle.

March 20-24. 605 2 board high light of the cycle.

Mar 28, 2014

What a difference a week makes. The squat went real good and so did the bench. I hit 570 for 3 but the third was high but the other two I felt were fine.  I got my new Titan shirt in the mail and tried it for the first time. Thanks Titan! The sets got better as each went by which was expected .


Here is the video for the week.

Squats March 20

440 2 sets 2 reps no wraps

495 3 reps

545 1 reps this set was my “feeler”set                                                    “

570 3 reps (3rd was high)


Leg press

320,460,590 5 reps each set

I decided to keep the leg press in my routine. Gives a great stretch for my legs and lower back.


Bench March 23

335 3 reps raw

365 3 reps   “

415 2 reps   “ 2 board(get a feel for heavier weight without stressing the shoulders with full range)

495 3 reps 3 board ( new shirt)

545  2 rep 3 board

575  1  reps 2 board (easy)

605 2 rep 2 board

575 1 rep 1 board ugly but was tired.

435 3 reps Large Ram.

Bench was FN awesome. This is the last time I will train with weight over 580. My focus now will be full reps with the new shirt. If however I have issues with it I will revert to the old shirt .I have only two workouts left till Worlds.

Deads March 24

425 3 reps

475 3 reps

510 2 reps

495 1 rep

I just stopped after the deads. It would have been counterproductive . I had nada in the tank. Maybe it was from the bench the day before or maybe because it just sucks and I have trouble getting fired up with it feels heavy. Just wish it would feel light sometimes.


If I rate my workouts from 1-10 10 being the best.

Squat- 7.5

Bench 7.5

Dead- 4

Well clock is ticking and hopefully next article states that I am on fire for Worlds and nats. Who knows maybe my dead will be competitive enough to place in a high school meet.



Till next week.

Focus First.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.


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