March 23rd bench workout for Masters Worlds

March 23rd  bench workout for Masters Worlds

Apr 5, 2013

Ok this workout I planned on keeping my ass down benching. I was pretty successful. I did hit a PR!!!! Energy was high and mindset was positive. Previous bench workout was my first with the new shirt this was my second. I felt I understood the groove so now I can add the rules into the workout. My biggest issue is butt down from first workout. You will notice every workout my warm ups are pretty much staple. The variations start after 335.

Well let’s get to it…..

Hate reading? Then just watch here:

Warm ups

Started with raw warm-ups every 2 sets widing my grip to eventual competition grip.( belief is warming up triceps more effectively  with narrow grip then by time get to comp grip tris are pumped.)

155  2 sets 5 narrowest grip within one inch of inner knurl

245   2 sets 3  3 inches from knurl

335    1 set  3   pinky almost  touching outer ring

395    1 set  1  raw comp grip( 1 board)

Put shirt on.

500 3 board 2 reps no wraps

525 2 board 1 rep

550 full rep 1 not bad looked slow and uncertain

570 full rep 1 PR!!!!! Yes heavy but got it. If it was a meet it was all reds but it’s not.


Go raw .

375 for 3 reps

405 for barely 2 reps

285 incline for 3 reps

320 for 3 reps

Total of work sets 9.

Left the workout on fire!!!! Worlds is looking like it could be good as long as ………(continued next bench workout)


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