March 29- April1 training ,looking good but can be better.

March 29- April1 training ,looking good but can be better.

Apr 10, 2014


The workouts are dwindling and the time for learning is done so this week I must make decisions for the upcoming meets, Worlds foremost.

This week I got my new Super Centurion and I would try it out for my first workout. It felt snug in the hips and I liked it without knee wraps but when I hit 500 I had good speed but knew I did better with my regular Centurion so I decided it still needed some tweaks and sent it back for alterations. After spending ½ hour warming up and trying the Super on I reverted back to the other suit and finished my workout slightly taxed but was pleased with my 585 for 2. I am now cutting sets/reps to save energy and help recovery for the more important movement ,the bench.

After last week’s 2 board workout I start focusing on Full reps and boy did I. 4 total sets of singles with the form going from ugly to not bad and the weight was going up each set. I did on the 4th set switch shirts and 32 minutes,no warmup sets and an ugly handoff I nailed a 560. I liked the idea of throwing on a different shirt and not setting it to hit a big single. Were all the singles competition good? No. My 3rd set did look like I paused it and went up smooth.( My opinion the best of the sets.)

Well Aprils day deads and yes it was a joke…The deads you ask? I know you never would ask but anyways. I tried the squat suit backwards (yes backwards)and it  actually went pretty well, for myself. Straps up and I did decent. I won’t hit any prs but as long as I consistent every meet I will be fine.


Here is the video for the week.

Squats March 29

440 2 sets 2 reps no wraps New Super Centurion

495 1 rep not happy with explosion or lack of. “

The following  was with my old suit

515 3 reps

555 2 reps  straps up

585 2 reps


Leg press

360,500 5 reps each set

Gives a great stretch for my legs and lower back.


Bench March 31

335 3 reps raw

380 2 reps   “

425 2 reps   “ with a large RAM

495 1 rep 3 board ( new shirt)

530 1rep 2 board

560  1 rep full with new shirt-ugly slow off chest, too much slack in shirt

570 “                                      “- faster lil out of control too little slack

580 “                                      “ – looks the best fixed the slack issue

560 changed shirts and hit it considered some of the obstacles

Bench was decent. Have an idea of my opener and understanding what is required next week.

Deads March 24

465 1 rep 2 sets squat suit backwards straps down

495 1 rep             “                                                               “

515 1 rep              “                                                              “

475 1 rep straps up

495 1 rep

520 1 rep


I felt good considering it is the deads.


If I rate my workouts from 1-10 10 being the best.

Squat- 8

Bench 7.

Dead- 6

Well clock is ticking and hopefully next week everything gels. Well actually it damn well better since it is my openers for the bench.



Till next week.

Focus First.

Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.



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