Jan 28, 2015

Polo!! Well where have I been? Since worlds in September I have backed off writing articles to focus on a side venture (no ghost hunting is not it, even I like doing it.) It is nearly complete. However I may have disappeared from Iron Authority but I didn’t stop training. I actually focused hard on my raw training. I changed things slightly up this time around. I usually train around <200 in the offseason for the last few years but decided to maintain and bump my weight up to 210. The results? Well I am only interested in the results by what happens in the upcoming meets but I measured my results from the beginning of the cycle on the bench ,squat, and dead till the final raw lifts week of January 17th . Everything went up. The last 2 weeks of my cycle I dropped my weight back down to 203 and tried to keep the weight on the bar the same and pretty much my gains stayed.

Briefly my squat and dead went up over the same window of time both raw. I feel great in training. My form is pretty good. I have never sold myself as a great or damn good 3 lift guy but being in my 40s am I proud but not satisfied.

Are my results skewed? Yes slightly. First my best bench about 4 years ago raw was 455 touch and go. So how is 405 for 3 improvement? Well 4 years ago my grip was medium for raw and gear was wide. When I tried to get my gear bench on cue I kept my grip the same as gear even raw with the thinking I was confusing myself when I went to the shirt and my elbow travel path was different and I feel I was wasting time and workouts reconfiguring my bar path. So then I decided to bench the same grip both ways, raw and gear. Result? Raw bench plummeted and gear went up.

Why? I find the sweet spot where you touch your chest with a narrow to medium grip is like 2 inches BUT when I grip out by the rings the “sweet” spot is like ½”. I have been buried by 365 for one then followed it up with the same weight focused on the sweet spot and nailed it for 3. The pop off the chest is almost nonexistent for me with wide grip.I would use my tricep pop to drive off the chest my I eliminated that by going out so far. Last year I was disgusted how my raw fell and had to find a way to restrengthen it. So I start with a narrow grip and each set I widen it about an inch on each side till I get to my heaviest set and am at gear comp grip. How am I doing? Well 405 for 3 not too bad after doing band sets.

I focused on heavy arm and shoulder assistant movements and credit them all these years to healthy injury free shoulders


Here is the video of some of the offseason workouts. Yes my ass is up but that is not my concern. I do fine in the meets.

Well I hope to be back at writing monthly after I get my new venture hopefully up and running.

I will be training in gear starting in a week and I am excited. Next meet is Master World bench in Denver.

Any questions feel free to email me.

Till then, Focus First.


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