Master’s Nationals wrap up and the letter K

Master’s Nationals wrap up and the letter K

May 12, 2014

The last 3 weeks has been helluva ride and overall a real good one. Granted at Master Nationals in Texas did not start off that way it ended on a positive note overall.

It started 3 weeks ago in England for Master Bench Worlds where I placed silver with 589 and it would end in Texas.

“Keep It coming.” Master Worlds bench wrap up.

We returned on Tuesday April 22. I did one squat workout the following day. Why am I mentioning this? Well when you get to the squats of the meet you’ll understand why. From there I went to Texas for 3 lift nationals. The week and a half in between the 2 meets I felt somewhat sluggish and flat. It wasn’t till about Wednesday I started feeling full and primed.

I arrived on a Friday morning about 10. I then had all day and Saturday to rest. Bodyweight was 205 upon arrival and Saturday hit 206.I focused on stretching my legs and in particular my lower back.I was slightly concerned about my legs from basically dropping my intensity on the squat and deads(like that matters with my dead). My concern was the weight feeling heavy on my back from the lack of frequency of handling heavy weight in the 3 ½ weeks. Being honest, Master World bench was more important so I cut back on the leg movements, period. Were my concerns justified? Read on.


Warm-ups went great. Was extremely confident. Remember that concern? Well guess what? The squat happened.

                                                                                Opener good

I opened with 561, felt LIGHT. Descent it felt great but the ascent was ugly. So ugly I almost missed the attempt. I was confused. I sunk the weight because it was felt light but it went up like it was my max. It TOOK max effort. Guy in the back joking said” You know you don’t have to pause it, right?” I am not sure why I like sort of paused it. All I know is I felt uncomfortable like I was unsure how to squat. I remember thinking “Is this the right setup?”. I was sure it was a set up issue and the next attempt will be better.

2nd Attempt good

573. I focused on the setup. Flaired toes lil more. The weight felt light, my descent felt the same the ascent was easy but was pulled forward which made me think I was high but I got 3 whites!!! Ok I was better mentally but still cautious for my 3rd.

           3rd Attempt good

                584. I knew it was about pounds not prs here. So I made a slight jump and if there was a feather more I would have missed it. The same story as previous two but the ascent felt like 5 minutes. I remember thinking how long it was that it at some point was going to start descending but it never did. My hips swayed to find the best leverage spot TWICE and I locked it out!!! I was tired and happy.

Bench opener, no good and the letter K

545 My raw warm-ups were light going up to 402. However my shirt warm-ups were all over the place had no stability the bar drifted front to back and left to right. It was set right too. I was super concerned knowing the squat wore me down so I dropped my opener from 556 to 545.I had about 15 minutes before my attempt and remembered last time I was so unstable or shaking I was dehydrated so I popped 500 mg of K, potassium.

I approached the platform apprehensive. Handoff was good but weight felt slightly heavy. I had no stability problems like in the warm ups, everything was steady. Up and down and racked it but my ass come up, damn.

Thank God I brought the K.

2nd Attempt good

                551. I knew I was not going to miss, I am better then 545 so I jumped it up, a little. Same story but this time nailed it. Ok I am on the board. Next up a national record…

3rd Attempt good

                579. I was fired up. I was taking a risk jumping up so much especially when PRs were NOT suppose to be thought about. If I missed then I pretty much put a nail in the coffin in my chance to beat Jim. I wasn’t going to miss. Everything went great and I believe it was my best looking attempt of the three. New national/American record.


1st Attempt good

                As usual the back was tight and powerless. I stretched it before warming up and in between attempts. I also RockSauced it before each movement. I had a 5 kilo lead against Jim for the World team spot but my dead KILLS me. I use to pull 579 but I have a nerve problem after benching that messes me up deading. Anyways off that beaten path.

486. Got it.

2nd Attempt good

                512. Got it. Felt good. After watching Jim’s second I knew I had to pull a PR for the possible win (I already had a PR total at this point so I was doing good.) So for a 3rd attempt I called for 545.

3rd Attempt miss

                545. I actually was surprised because it went up further then I expected and honestly I thought I could squeak it out. I tried as hard as I could but just not today HOWEVER I believe I will be pulling that within the year. Yes nothing to even brag about but hope maybe on the horizon. Even if I did pull it successfully I still would have lost to Jim because he was successful on his third attempt.


                Well at least I lost outright and not by a tie. I am content. I look forward to off season leg training. I liked my squat training leading up to this. I felt my contest training reps were deeper than a year ago and I credit that to safety bar squats along with not using a belt or knee wraps for 4 months. I am going back to the same routine for 3 lift as this cycle when my next 3 lift meet comes up.

As for now I look forward to bench nationals. I see a big day happening.

I have thanked everyone on my FB but thanks to all who have helped me when I was there. Monica, Tammy, Greg, Gina, and BIG Matt!!!

I want to thank Titan Support. The gear is flat out the best and if you fail it is your fault not the gear.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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