Masters World Team training has started

Masters World Team training has started

Sep 4, 2013

2 weeks ago I figured my articles (about my training) would be offseason stuff like my Sponge Training .  Well things changed all in the matter of a phone call August 22.

After Bench Nationals in Atlanta 2 weeks ago I had a game plan, get my leg movements stronger. I have been focusing on the raw squats and deads up to 3 weeks before Bench Nats when I stopped so it would not affect my bench. I figured I would put main focus on those 2 lifts while doing my normal off season bench program. So much for that.

On Thursday August 22 (4 days after nats), I received a phone call asking to be on the Masters World Team(3 lift) next month in Orlando. I happily accepted. I won my weight class (93kg) in May but the competitor in the older division tied me on his last deadlift, where he took the World team spot by being lighter. This is exactly what happened last year to me. Get a call a month out and start training for Worlds. I squeezed 5 workouts, each for squat and dead, into 30 days last year. The result was third but I felt labored on my squat attempts. I usually start 73 days out and condensing into 30 is quite a task. Same thing this year, I have 36 days till the meet from the phone call not 73 BUT……

I trained for bench nats this time with the thought of that possible phone call in the back of my mind. Last year I didn’t squat over 365 for two months before the meet. I did leg press and rarely did deads but did do lower body work such as sled and hip ups. THIS time, however, I squatted raw (well with knee wraps, a white lie) up to 475. I did deads BUT conventional because I have lower back issues and wanted to strengthen it. I am normally a sumo lifter but started conventional and enjoyed it. Worlds, though I will be going sumo.

My training was figured out within a few hours of the phone call with one lesson learned from last year’s situation, Quality not Quantity.  I have planned 4 workouts for each movement. One of them being the opener so three of them are actually working or building workouts. I am not worried about the bench, it is primed and my goal is to maintain a 580ish bench.

I have put together a collage of videos from the workouts.

I have no goals, yet. It is too early I have 1 workout each as I type this plus my opener workouts. I am happy so far. My next few articles will deal with actual workout themselves. These are the big sets of the workouts not the whole workout.

1st Squat workout

465,510 5 reps each straps down

1st dead workout

405,455,485 5 reps each dead

2nd Squat workout

480 5 reps straps down

525 3 reps “             “

560 3 reps straps up

1st Bench workout

495 3 reps 3 board

545 3 reps 2 board

585 1 rep 1 board

Next week I will be posting all 3 full workouts, till then…..



Focus First.

Thanks to IronAuthority, The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, and RockTape for helping me become a better powerlifter!


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