May 18th bench

May 18th bench

May 20, 2013

Ok I felt little sluggish in this workout. Still have 2 more weeks of bands  and like where I am at in the second workout compared to other band workouts pre my last 2 meets. I will be breaking down routines and logic behind what I do for my upper body training in a soon future article. For now this article is about May 18th bench. Of course link to the video of the bench only part.

Band bench with 66lbs at the top.

set of 185 with bands 8 reps

2 sets of 225 ”           ” 8 reps

set of 295  with bands for 3 reps

set of 315  ”                               ”



2 sets of 225 for 8 reps

275 for 6 reps


Done.  Next week expect better.Easing into my volume phase in a couple of weeks.


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