May 25th 3rd week of 4 week bench cycle

May 25th 3rd week of 4 week bench cycle

May 26, 2013

This is my 3rd workout of my 4 week mini cycle. I will be doing one more of the like before switching the routine for the next 4 weeks. I am a day off, I should have been benching on Saturday but I had a funeral so my schedule got pushed back a day.

I felt strong and strong is what happened.

Just want to watch:


The following 4 band sets all have 66 additional pounds at the top of the movement.

185 8 reps

235 7 reps(thought I did 8 but was wrong when I watched.)

295 6 reps felt real strong

325 for 5 reps but missed 5


Went on to dumbell incline for 4 sets. Haven’t done dumbells for 3 months and felt easy,very easy. Did 4 sets.

90 set of 8

100 set of 8

110 set of 8

120 set of 8

That was a wrap. The workout moved  at a  good pace. Look forward to last band workout next week.


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