May 1, 2013


Where I Came From and What I Do – Fierce 

My name is Carmella (Weinbauer) Mattingly. I am the daughter of Robert and Judy Weinbauer. I am the oldest of 1 sister and 2 brothers. I was born and raised in the North County area of St. Louis, MO. I had left that part of town only to return to it later in life where I began my powerlifting journey and currently reside. My family descent is mostly Sicilian with some German and Lebanese – a fierce combination. I attribute much of my aggressiveness, intensity, and passion to my background – all good makings for a powerlifter.


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My first and foremost passion is my children. I have a 10 yr old son named Dominic. And twin almost 9 yr old girls named Josephine and Angelena. I am a single mommy and proud every day of my life to be their mom.










I grew up being a bit of a tomboy and definitely had a competitive trait in me. I liked being able to out run boys in grade school. I also enjoyed sports but had a love for soccer. Playing for schools growing up and select club soccer at the same time kept me in soccer mode year round. I was a very little girl that soon grew some big muscular thighs. I wasn’t great with skill. But I had speed to the goal and big powerful kicks. Those soccer thighs are now my best assets in my killer squat.

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I have a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology and Business. I work as a personal trainer and group instructor. I teach yoga and cardio/weight training classes. I run a hardcore boot camp that separates the beasts from the boys. And I train anyone who wants to feel strong – regardless of what strong means for them. Strong for someone could be wanting to lift the house, hearing the words “Oh my gosh you got hot”, dropping fat and getting off medications, or just being able to pick up the groceries or your kids a little easier. My favorite clients are the ones that push beyond what they thought they could do. I don’t care if they are 25 or 65 yrs old, I respect my clients that are willing to get uncomfortable in order to achieve strength in the end.


My Passion for Powerlifting – Indestructible

I am a late starter to powerlifting. I turned 42 yrs old (young) this month on May 1. Brady Stewart asking me to be May athlete of the month is a huge honor for me. I didn’t even know what powerlifting was till about 3 ½ years ago. That’s when I first started picking up anything heavier than 15 lbs. I wonder where I would be if I discovered powerlifitng earlier in life and had some experience under my belt. But rather than looking back I will look forward and push that much harder. I am way stronger now than ever – in many ways. And I use my life experiences, both good and bad, to fuel my desire to train hard, to eat clean, to compete, and to win.












I recently finished my fourth USAPL Missouri State Championships. For all four years in a row I have won 1st in my age division, 1st in my weight class, and 1st place Overall Open Female Lifter. I have competed in both the 123 and 132 lb weight classes. This last competition I competed in the 123 weight class and PR’d all my lifts with a squat of 297.5 lbs, bench 165.2 lbs, and deadlift of 308.5 lbs. I compete RAW as I believe and prefer to use very little in aiding my lifts. I am somewhat of a purist. I want my lifts to reflect the strength of me, not the strength of me supported by equipment. This is my personal preference. Between the two weight classes I hold 6 MO State RAW Open records and 8 MO State RAW Masters records. I also hold 4 American RAW Masters records. I am proud to have a competition deadlift over 2 ½ times my bodyweight and my competition squat is just 10 lbs away from that. I have not competed nationally as of yet but it is in my near future.













In these last 3 ½ years my knowledge is growing, as is my intensity for this sport. I take powerlifting very seriously. This isn’t to say I don’t have fun. Training and competing are so exciting to me, and a high like none other. But I don’t train to come in 2nd. I don’t train halfway or halfheartedly. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. And with powerlifting it’s my all. There are a few must haves for me.

1) Technique and form is key. This seems like a no-brainer. But too often bad habits can pop up or usually have been there from the start. You may get a number one time with poor form. But try going for a double or triple and it just won’t happen. When I’m training and I am able to get an extra rep or two, I know the only thing that allows me to do that besides guts is dead on solid form. 2) Eat like an athlete. Why would you waste your time busting your butt in the gym to get stronger only to fill your body with garbage? Yeh I’m Italian and I love food. Love! So this one is real hard for me. But even harder is how slow, weak, and tired I feel after eating junk. I drink water like there’s no tomorrow and my kids refer to food as clean or save it mom for cheat day.

3) Don’t miss training. Get it in. We all have bad days. We all are busy. Treat training day like competition day. You show up regardless. It’s a test. A test of what you can handle. It is you stepping up to the plate. This is what makes you strong. This is what makes you indestructible.

4) Being drug-free. I compete with the USAPL because they are one of the few federations that enforce drug free lifting with rules and regulations. I have been drug tested 6 times in less than 3 years and proud of each one. I choose to be a natural athlete. I don’t even put artificial sweetener in my body so why would I compromise keeping my body clean all for the sake of a bigger number. When I get white lights on a lift I want it to be because of my pure strength earned the hard way, the right way. I wouldn’t want a judge to just give me a lift if it wasn’t legit. That kind of win means nothing. I feel the same way about drug enhancing or steroids. I wont lower my standards.


Part of Who I Am – Overcome

Powerlifting has become a part of who I am. Everything I have learned from my training, my coach, my team, and competitions has affected and enhanced my life. The ability to get strong physically and strong mentally is something I will not take for granted. It’s a lifelong pursuit.


My team keeps me up and keeps me in check. They have my back as I do theirs. We share a common drive and dedication for the sport that few understand. Training days with my team are the days I look most forward to. I lift for them as much as I do for myself. The head honcho of our team is my coach Lance Bargatze.











He has been with me and believed in me from day one. I am thankful to have such an inspiring, intelligent, and spirited coach in my life. He is a hero for many reasons. He always says that at your worst, you must be better than average. I hear these words in my head on training days when I’m hurting and have had little rest. I hear these words on competition days when I’m cutting hard for morning weigh in and circumstances are less than ideal. And I hear these words during the hard moments in life when I need to toughen up and prevail. The bar has taught me that some things don’t change. The weight loaded on it is the weight loaded on it. It’s up to me to do something with it. The bar doesn’t care if I walk away from it, stare at it, push it up, press it up, or pull it up. It is up to me and only me to overcome.




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