Meet Wrap-Up

Meet Wrap-Up

Nov 12, 2013

Three days after my competition I’m beginning to shift my focus on the aftermath of the meet to resting my body and formulating a training cycle for the Ohio Classic at The Arnold. This is going to be my most intense training cycle to date. I’m taking the next two weeks off while doing some shoulder therapy. Come December 1st it will 13 weeks of pure torture. I am so blessed to have this opportunity that others are not going to have. I am pumped Iron Authority will be rolling deep at the Arnold. I really want to have some fun with this and write a weekly journal of my road to the Arnold and do a weekly video of my thoughts on random things. I’m ready I just hope the Arnold is ready for me!

Thanks again to the IA family for all your support. Thank you to my other sponsors ATP Extreme, Primo Chalk and Anderson Powerlifting. God Bless everyone!


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