Oct 24, 2014

Recently I came across a new company promoting a hydration product. As athletes we all know the vast importance of staying properly hydrated both on training days as well as during recovery. And like most at times I would grab a sports drink to help get in my electrolytes to aid in recovery. This became a staple for me during a competition. But the main draw back that I had was the amount of sugar in these drinks. And for me it always seemed to give me some stomach issues. The sweet drink would not always sit well.

When I came across MESTRENGTH and their hydration packets I figured I would give them a try. Going deep into my current training cycle my body has taken a beating and it seemed harder and harder to recover between days. I also noticed that after long draining days at the fire house I would have a hard time after getting back to training the next night.

So what makes MESTRENGTH different than the other sports drinks on the market?

  • First a big draw for me was the packaging. Having single packets make it easy to toss into my bag and be able to start the recovery process as soon as I finish my last rep. It makes it easy and convenient to grab and go.
  • The product is all natural. Containing a mix of 5 different electrolytes;¬†Calcium (30mg), Phosphorus (15mg), Magnesium (15mg), Sodium (60mg), Potassium (30mg) and stevia as a natural sweetener.
  • Hello 5 gram of creatine per serving. If you are an athlete and are not using creatine you are missing out. It is one of the most proven supplements on the market.
  • The flavors are a great mix. I really enjoyed all of the flavors. All were great and easy to mix. Out of the 5 different flavors I would have to say that fruit punch was my least favorite, but I also have never been a fruit punch fan.

Here is a chart showing how MESTRENGTH matches up to the other products on the market



Do I think that this product is for everyone? Yes I think that anyone would benefit from using this product. Check them out at and give them a try for yourself.




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