Mike Kuhns Powerlifting Program B4P

Mike Kuhns Powerlifting Program B4P

Jul 1, 2012

Mike Kuhns Powerlifting Program…

“My training isn’t anything out of the ordinary. I do not have my own “method,” just my own routine.”  -Mike Kuhns





Belt Squats – work up to x2x30, then x1x10 paused reps in the hole
(similar to a standing leg press from IronMind)

Pullovers x1x20

One-Legged Curls x3x20

Neutral Grip Dumbbell Floor Press x3x10-12

Dumbbell Tricep Extensions (laying on the floor) x3x12
(Make sure that the DBs touch the floor)

3 Exercise Circuit
Dumbbell Lateral Raises x12
Incline Flyes x12
Pushdowns  x12
(repeat 2 more times)

Deadlift – work up to 3 top sets using a 5,3,2 progression

Dumbbell Shrugs

Weighted Pullups

Dumbbell Rows

Grip Work

(this workout varies widely depending upon Raw or Equipped and where Mike is in the training cycle)

Friday I Bench Press; this workout varies widely depending upon Raw or Equipped and where I am in the training cycle. If I’m training Raw the start of my cycle will have top set reps as high as 8. When I’m peaking its triples, doubles, and sub-max singles. If I’m training equipped, its whatever I can touch to my chest; unless I catch a workout with Niko Hulslander and Garage Ink. Niko works me hard in a shirt and helps me maximize its usage.” – Mike Kuhns

Squats – work up to 2 top sets, never completing more than 4 reps per set


“This layout isn’t set in stone; I adjust accordingly when I have to. I’ll work certain areas harder than others if I feel I’m lacking. For example, I’ll combine days when I have to because of schedule conflicts. ” – Mike Kuhns


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