Mind over body

Mind over body

Apr 23, 2013

Growing up my father always talked about the power of positivity and having a strong mindset. As a teenager I would read books like Think and Grow Rich or As a Man Thinketh. These books were about willing your way to success. Over the years I realized the importance of a strong mindset. There are countless people who are fast, can jump high, are strong beyond measure and are intelligent on the genius level. What sets the champions, the successful people is an indomitable will. These people will accept nothing less than success, failure is just a bump in the road. Jerry Rice was not nearly as talented as other wide receivers in the NFL but his work ethic was second to none, his will to be the best was second to none.

The point I am making is when competing, or at your job or even with your family, believe you can be the best and be willing to do what it takes to be the best. Understand you stand alone because you will do things no one else will want to do, workout when no one else wants to workout, eat the right foods and supplementation no one else wants to take.

Whatever your best is never settle for less than that, be insatiable, be unsatisfied and I promise you will not feel like some jabroni who goes half-ass but you will stand tall knowing you did everything mentally and physically to be successful. Everybody wanna be a powerlifter but dont nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weight! God Bless you in everything you do.


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