Minions and a Field Trip

Minions and a Field Trip

Aug 13, 2013

Last week felt like it was 10 days long.  I’m still kind of ramping up (or screwing around, depending on how you look at it) for my new programming that should start next week.


My goal for Tuesday was just to get a couple sets of squats in at over 300lbs and see how the hips felt.  I worked up to 3 x 3 at 315lbs and they felt pretty good.  Still a little slow but only a little tightness on some of my warm-ups and none of the nastiness for last week.  So I’m pretty satisfied with this.

Next was 4 x 6 overhead press at 95lbs.


METCON:  3 Rounds of 15 28kg kettlebell swings, 20 steps of walking lunges with 25lb dumbbells and 20 weighted sit-ups at 25lbs.  This was a horrible idea.  I did it to myself because I didn’t have any assistance planned but I really wish someone would have pointed out to me that doing kettlebell swings and lunges together wasn’t a good plan.  By the second set of kettlebells, I couldn’t feel my ass.  It was pretty much all down hill from there.  I ended up sore until about Friday.


So again no training because it needed to ummmm…………  OK, I went and got my hair done.  Priorities, people.  I can’t go to work looking like I’m homeless and no one loves me.


Because of Saturday’s field trip, I benched and deadlifted on Thursday.   I also got off work a bit late.  Couple thos things with the fact that I don’t have any real programming and the fact the I was still incredibly sore from Tuesday and you get a pretty short workout that still seemed to take longer than it should have.

I borrowed some of my upcoming deadlift programming but cut the weight a bit so did 8 x 3 starting at 225lbs with 1 min of rest between sets and increasing 10lbs every set.   My hips got a little tight at the end (probably because I didn’t take enough time to warm up) but other than that they felt fine.

We’ve been having conversations about getting a deadlift jack for a while now that we have a couple of people consistently deadlifting in the hight 300lb-400lb range.  And let’s face it, loading and unloading the bar at those weights is a pain.  And we’re kind of lazy about stuff like that.  So as we’re having the conversation for about the 5th or 6th time, someone came up with an even better plan:

“We don’t need a jack.  We need Minions.”

This is brilliant.  I’m honestly ashamed I didn’t think of it.  Maybe one of these:



Sadly, I don’t know of any geneticists that might be looking for some side work.  (If you do, drop me a message in the comments.)  I’m also going to assume that the jack would be cheaper.  Moving on……….

I also borrowed programming for my bench so these were 5 x 2 starting at 155lbs and working up 5lbs every set.

Back on the good bench.  Yes, it's beine held together with duct tape.  What?

Back on the good bench. Yes, it’s being held together with duct tape. What?

At that point it was starting to get a bit late so I through in 3 x 5 front squats at 135lbs.  I had thought about going heavier but I was so sore that the first set felt absolutely horrible so I decided it was really best just to get moving around and try to losen stuff up.


I haven’t always lived on the East Coast and I’ve been known to complain pretty bitterly about the population density.  If you’ve ever been stuck in traffic up here, you totally understand my pain.  BUT there is an upside to all of these people living so close together:  you’re more likely to have some really great places to train and good people to coach you within a reasonable drive.  Further than you could go everyday but definitely close enough for a weekend field trip.

Saturday I drove down to SSPT to have Matt Gary take a look at my bench and deadlift and see what I could maybe be doing differently.  I won’t bother to list all the weights and sets since I didn’t write any of them down and that wasn’t the point anyway.  I will say that if you’re in the area and have a chance to wander down there:  GO!!  You won’t be sorry.


More yoga and biking.

This is the first yoga class I’ve had in probably a month where I felt calm.  This is probably going to sound weird but I have a hard time keeping my head quiet when I do yoga.  My mind wanders, all the voices in my head (No, not those voices.  The ones that are concerned with getting to the grocery store and doing the laundry and how much I hate downward dog and next weeks programming and……..) babble away the entire class and all my poses feel awkward and forced.  This weeks class had none of that and it felt great.  Except for downward dog.  I’m not sure that’s ever going to feel good.


Biking was a little bit of a different story.  I got talked into doing the whole loop for the first time.  At 12.5 miles, this is easily the furthest I’ve ever biked in my adult life.  It wasn’t all bad.  The two big hills sucked.  I had a problem changing gears on the first one (I’m still figuring this out) and shifted too low.  This caused my foot to slip off the pedal and me to fall off my bike.  I mostly caught myself but there was no way I was going to be able to pedal  the rest of the way up.  I was a bit better prepared on the second hill but it was just too long and too steep and my quads were screaming.  After that, most of the rest of the ride was either flat or down hill but we did have to cross the light rail tracks……

“They’re mostly flat but you have to make sure you keep your wheels mostly perpendicular to the tracks.  Otherwise it’s like a demon grabs your tire and throws you on the ground.”


But that concern distracted me from the burning in my quads for a little while at least.  And I did, in fact, get across the tracks without incident.  Of course I almost ran into a post on the other side of them because I wasn’t paying attention but hey…….

We’ll get to find out how the biking is going to effect my squatting on Tuesday this week.  We may have to cut back the mileage a bit.

In Other News

They opened registration for the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge late Saturday night/early Sunday morning.  And by Sunday night they were full.  I was just getting ready to go to bed when I saw the announcement on Facebook so I hopped over and signed up.  Hopefully, I got my entry in early enough.

And on September 14th I’ll be particating in Barbells for Boobs at Crossfit BWI with a couple of my training partners.


You can go here to learn all about it.



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