Mission to Mars

Mission to Mars

Aug 25, 2013

Since I came back to training from Raw Nationals I started really light because my back has been killing me and I haven’t had a decent DL day since 4 weeks before the meet. This week was different. This week I saw my name on the Arnold Pro Raw Challenge Roster. Seeing my name on there with the best in the country and the world really got me motivated. I thought to myself, “This time will be different. This time I will be prepared. This time I will prove to myself that I belong there.” When I competed in 2012 I let myself down. I tore my quad about 4 weeks out and had a horrible showing. To be honest I felt I didn’t belong there with the talent that was there. So what if I got my entry form in before someone else. I still felt and saw how low my lifts were compared to what was out there on an international stage. This time I’ll be ready!



  1. 455×5
  2. 495×5
  3. 520×5

**Followed by normal assistance work



  1. 300×5
  2. 335×5
  3. 350×5

**Followed by normal assistance work



  1. 455×1
  2. 495×1 most I’ve lifted since the meet by about 100lbs.

Did some volume work with RVB 1×5 with 425@7

Overall pretty good week.

I just want to give some words of inspiration. If someone says you can’t, don’t argue with them, just prove them wrong. Watch how fast they want to be your friend. Just because they can’t do it doesn’t mean you can’t. Never give yourself limits. I beg all of you to live your dreams because it is a wonderful thing. The journey is not easy and it is not quick but it IS worth it.  I have sacrificed everything to get to where I am and I don’t regret it for a second.


” If your goal is to walk on the moon ,then dream of running on Mars.”

By Jack DiBenedetto









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  1. Debra /

    You’ll be great! Proud of you, Jack!

  2. Armand /

    Being tough on yourself works for you and it’s why you’re a champion! Keep it up! The Arnold will definitely be lookin’ much better in 2014. KILL IT!!!

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