Mock Meet Wrap Up

Mock Meet Wrap Up

May 12, 2013

Well my week did not go as planned. I had completed my first mock meet and was planning on accomplishing the second this weekend. Unfortunately my body had other plans and I became sick and unable to make it to the gym. Guess that was my bodies way of telling me I needed more rest from training and all the hours I have been putting in lately. But on a high note my mock meet for this training cycle went very well. I felt very comfortable with these numbers and felt it was a controlled push.


475 opener- very easy and smooth

525 second-felt solid

560 third- new squat pr, grinded it out but overall felt good



345 opener- again very easy and smooth(I have been working on a better bench set up for my body)

365 second- went up pretty easy

385 third- nice pause, slowed down a bit but locked it out strong



555 opener- felt like last warm up set

585 second- easy pulled

615 third- pulled with confidence and held at the top


Total 1,560. New total pr by 85 pounds!


I felt good with these numbers. Tried to save enough energy so I could hit some nice third attempts. I think I had some left over in the bench and deadlift but I will take these numbers any day.

Check out the video


Following up the training cycle before Europe will be something different. More to come.





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