Monday Back to Equipped Benching

Monday Back to Equipped Benching

Sep 17, 2012

Equipped Bench Press
495 x2x5
585 x3
635 x1
685 x1, not bad

3Board 695 x3 @8
2 Board 665 x2 @8

Flyes x3x12
Tricep Accessories x6x10-15

Lats x5x10

Rotators till super fatigue

Shoulder still bothering me a bit, but in the shirt it doesn’t feel bad at all.  This is a good sign for my meet in Denver.  I haven’t lost any strength (so it seems), and I have plenty of time to sneak in a PR at he contest.  After the meet in November, I’ll likely take a little time off to heal and ramp up training for the Arnold Classic.  If I am accepted as a lifter.


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