Monday Before Missouri Ozark Meet

Monday Before Missouri Ozark Meet

Mar 18, 2013

This was my last moderate training day before the USAPL Missouri State OZARK meet this weekend.  Proud to say that I made it on the artwork for the competition!





Wide Grip Bench Press
425 x3 @7
425 x4 @7
425 x5 @7.5    —  paused the last rep.  Worked into it quite nicely.  I may have been able to do another 3-4 reps, so a good place to call it for benching for the day.

Lat Layback Pulldows
220 x5x10-12

30s x2x12

70 x2x20

Rotators x2x30

Brady Stewart Nick Weite USAPL

Very Cool!  This meet is a Rick Fowler competition.  Rick is inarguably the best meet promoter and coordinator that exists.  He has told me that there will be over 110 athlete competing over 2 platforms featuring powerlifters from Illinois and Missouri.  Really excited to hit this meet as I don’t get to do many local/state competitions.

It will be interesting as I’ll be having a booth there selling merchandise and also lifting.  Hopefully at minimum my wife will go and help.  However, if my mother Susan can come it will be a great thing.  She is very personable and approachable.  Loves to talk and always gives tons of smiles.

Today’s training went well.  My shoulder is a little sore, but after a few sets it warmed up just right.  I think after the meet I’ll get some more aggressive ART treatments focusing on my scapula and trap areas.  I feel there is a lot of scar tissue built in.  Gotta work that out soon.






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