Monday – squat day

Monday – squat day

Mar 4, 2013

First I would like to thank Brady and Iron Authority for believing in me enough to offer me this great opportunity. I am very grateful and honored to be apart of such a great team. I am looking forward to getting to know all of my team members better and I hope I can help some people along the way.
So lets get started.
Yesterday I woke up because I stopped breathing. Felt very sick. Once I got my air back I went to the Dr. Long story short I’m sick and there is liquid coming out all over. Couldn’t be a worse time to happen. I start my Training cycle for the SSPT INVITATIONAL today. So feeling weak and leaking like a broken water main I went down to the dungeon to do my thing.

work sets
1) 455×5@8
2) 485×5 @9
3) 510×5 @10
after this I did my usual stuff that I know works great for me.

*Leg press
670×10, 800×10, 880×10

bwx10, 45×10, 70x2x10, drop set 10#x15
*super set with Leg ext 200×10, 290×10, 325x2x10 drop set 210×15

*standing cable abs 7 sets 10, drop set 25 reps

*** Notes*** after last set of squats I managed to get the weight back into the rack and collapsed to the floor. I had nothing left to give. I couldn’t breath and my legs were very weak before I even started the set. Needless to say I had no business getting under that bar. Then the voice inside said ” IF YOU WANT TO BE THE BEST.YOU BETTER GET YOUR ASS UP AND DO IT!!!!” A lot of stuff has happened to me to where I shouldn’t be in this sport or even walking, but that’s another story.
Take this saying I made up after I came back from a 6 year injury and say it to yourself every time you don’t feel like lifting. ” THE ONLY THING STOPPING YOU IS YOU!!!”
*** There is an important message to be taken from this. No matter how you feel there is always someone training hard to get to the top!

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