Multiple Gym Visits 3 Weeks Out

Multiple Gym Visits 3 Weeks Out

Mar 3, 2013

This has been an interesting week as I am now 3 weeks out.  So, on my 4th week out from the APF/AAPF Illinois State Championship I first went to see Rudy at Team Overkill to be measured up for custom equipment (wow – there is a wait!).  Most of the folks in attendance I have met in APF/AAPF local, national and world competitions.


In the foreground starting with the Metal t-shirt: Ray Makiejus and Joe Atef (both Team Stone AAPF lifters), Barzeen and Kristin Vaziri who will be competing at the APF Relentless meet on March 23rd and 24th in Minnesota.  This image is from one end of the gym which also includes some basic accessorie equipment and a bathroom which I thought was interesting until Thursday.

On Thursday I had a business trip to St Louis, MO, which gave me a chance to stop by the Belleville Weightlifting Club and meet with Brady, Josh and Dana who discuss it all on Berserker Strength Radio (  There are no pictures of the training session – I believe Josh describes it well in his article “Crusty” ( – and I made one very brave venture into the restroom.   Next time I go in I’m bringing my battle axe!

The cool part about meeting with these guys was that they absolutely are the guys that are on Berserker Strength Radio (actually, they are a little more subdued on the show!) and if you do come down to visit – make sure you bring some quick wit with you!  Of course, a few beers and burgers at a local dive right after, solving the powerlifting  world’s problems.

Let’s just say that after finally meeting Brady, Josh and Dana for a de-load bench day I enjoy participating in even more!


Was a de-load week and I mean that in every sense of the word.  Light, light weights, for a few reps except Saturday which was a squat to opener.  With three weeks out now, I will most likely go with my Ace Squatter (loving it at this point), Ace Bencher (which I really have to touch with – damn, not a fun shirt!  Well, actually it is!), and just my very loose Viking Briefs for deadlift.  I’ve tried several deadlift suits that actually put me backwards.

The March 23rd and 24th meet will be broadcast on starting at about 9-am on both days.  The 23rd will be bench only and raw and the 24th will be all equipped.


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