My advice on a cut plan!

My advice on a cut plan!

Sep 27, 2014

I had someone message me on my athlete page on Facebook (which you can find here:  and I thought it would be really important to share my answer!  It’s just some of the things I’ve learned over the last year or so outside of competing and making sure I got to a healthy place physically, mentally, and emotionally.

This woman asked about cutting.  She has been bulking for the last 3-4 months and increased her calories and macros substantially (like from 60g of carbs/day to 200-250g per day – congratulations to her!!).  She was well prepared for some fat to join her muscle gains, but she feels like she’s made good progress and is ready to start cutting some of the fat so she can see her hard work pay off!  Competing is a future goal – but per advice, she decided to get to a healthy place with food before competing.  So far she’s doing it the right way – but she had no idea where to start for a cutting plan.

Here was my advice to her:

“Cut about 100 calories and see what happens.  Also, if you don’t feel like subtracting calories right away – you can add a 20 minute HIIT sprint session to the end of one workout per week and see what happens with that too.  Allow 2 weeks at the least (up to four or more if necessary!) to let the changes take hold and so you can see the full effect of the change made.  If 100 calories or one day of cardio isn’t enough, subtract another 100 calories or add another day of HIIT.  I personally would rather add cardio than delete food – but I LOVE food!!  Use cutting calories as a last resort.  I’d say if you get to 3 days of HIIT and aren’t seeing changes of the next few months – then resort to curing calories.  Otherwise, keep lifting!  You can add in some higher rep workouts to help you lean out – but honestly it’s what works for you.  I’ve kept reps low and weights as high as possible to try and save strength while my weight and bf% dropped.  You will lose strength so don’t be upset about that!  But try to keep weights as high as possible.  I throw in a high rep day every now and again to change it up!  I’ll do full body circuits too in place of HIIT sometimes – I get bored otherwise!  Also – keep eating the foods you love!!  Don’t believe the “clean” food crap.  Eat what you enjoy.  No need to cut fruits out, no need to cut salt.  Try to make whole food choices 80% of the time and eat whatever you want the other 20%.

I also told her to screw the chicken, broccoli/asparagus, and rice routine.  While those foods are good (and I eat them too!) – it doesn’t have to be all you eat!  Eat any veggies, any fruits, starchy carbs (even French fries), and any and all proteins.  Having the discretionary calories helps keep the metabolism rolling!”

I just wanted to share with other people that may be heading toward a cutting phase or are simply wanting to lose some fat.  I want you to be informed.  This is my personal advice.  I bet you can find research to both support and reject everything I said.  Please, please, please – whatever you do – make sure you do what is right for you and do it in the HEALTHIEST way possible.  Take your time, do your research, and know that living life is so much more important than getting lean.  I am a totally vain person, I workout to look good, but I don’t let it get it the way of spending time with family and friends.  I don’t allow my tracking to get in the way of conversation.  I live life – you only have one of them and being cut up shouldn’t be the focus.  Keep your mind centered while doing anything in the fitness world.  It’s quite a giant – but you can be a David. 🙂


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