My Supplements of choice

My Supplements of choice

Mar 19, 2013

One of the most common questions I get asked is what do you take? More than half of the people who ask this question automatically think steroids and what else? When I break the news to them that no steroids are involved they look at me like I am lying. I learned that the supplements I take play a huge role in my training. Being a drug free lifter we rely more on the protein, creatine and recovery supplements to fuel our muscles. Well here is a list of all the supplements I take on a regular basis and some that I just take from time to time.

The first one and probably most important is protein. i know many people are picky when it comes to protein but me I am not I look for the protein that has the most protein per serving and least amount of fat. I usually go with GNC’s brand the 100% Whey. I just tried the Ronnie Coleman protein and boy is that good tasting stuff and it has 29 grams of protein per serving. Only downfall for me is it has 5 grams of fat and a good amount of carbs. If somebody is not watching there weight I would certainly recommend Ronnie Coleman’s Series of protein.

Next would be pre workout, I like MP Assault the best hands down. I took C4 and it did nothing at all for me. With the Assault it has 5 grams of creatine per whole scoop and it tastes pretty good. It gives me a lot of energy but does not make me wired like other pre workouts do.

Creatine hands down is OP creatine. I go a 60 serving bottle at GNC for $12.00. I noticed huge gains in strength and little to no water weight gain. I did not feel bloated at all or look bloated. Other creatines I have tried are MP 5 blend creating it was ok not better than ON but my second favorite. All the other creatines I ever took did nothing for me but make me look like bubble boy. I did not notice any strength gains what so ever.

For my joints and aching muscles I use Tri-Flex it is a blend with glucosamine and it works great. I felt a difference in my joints in about 4 days, it did not take the 6 weeks like other glucosamine usually takes for me to feel it.

An after a meet during my ‘time off’ when I am just doing cardio and really light weight high reps I like to take USPlabs Recreate to help me shed a few pounds I may have gained during the training cycle.

These are the supplements that have worked the best for me. Everybody is different though. So they might work different for somebody else.

Thank you for reading. God Bless!!!


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  1. I didn’t even know Big Ron had a line of supps. Im going to check that out. def gonna check out that OP too.

  2. Tom Murray /

    Yea he just came out with them a few months ago. His products were out in Europe for a few years before they made it to the US.

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