My Top 10 gym peeves.

My Top 10 gym peeves.

Jun 18, 2013

Ok something a little lighter and hopefully more entertaining. We all have our peeves about the gym. I decided to post mine. If you want post yours, humor me. I always enjoy a good laugh. Some train in commercial gyms, like I do ,that breed peeves while others are lucky by training at great gyms or even at home(don’t have to worry about someone else hogging the mirror up.)

Here are mine:

10. 1/2 rep/ way out of their league person. This person brings the bar half way down and counts it as a rep. Or the guy who is doing 50lbs too much on the bench and we are doing synchronized bench/rows together.

9. Mirror/Arm Jockey guy. We all have them and at times we are them.(I may have hugged a mirror ,ONCE 😉 ) I don’t mean the “watching yourself squat or dead” I mean the “watching yourself BREATHE” guy!!! The scantily dressed person who is in love with themself in the gym and out. Needs reassurances by constantly being out (public, online) there so people see them.

8. Guy who leaves weights on the bar. Doesn’t bother me too bad except on the squat where the person is a foot taller (where’s the step stool) and leaves 315 on the bar for me to break down.

7. Guy who juices to look good in the mall. Seriously if you are going to do something illegal let it be for a sport at least and not just to look big. Lame.


6. The complainer/”Don’t want to be here” person. Those people are there because their boyfriend or girlfriend made them go; New Year resolution has them there, or just got dumped . Some verbal “This sucks” or groans. Please go home and do P90x PLEASE!!!

5. Social Network person. Avoid these people otherwise you have just doubled the length of your workout. Mr./Mrs. Facebook needs to be in your life loop. My solution? Headset on loud and just say hi. KEEP MOVING and DON’T LOOK BACK…..EVER.

4.” I used to do that” person. These people kill me. Most never did what you do. Please focus on what you are not what you were. Not all are like this however. You know who they are they have an aura to them about this stuff.

3. Tough guy/”My sport is for Gods” guy. Ugh. Just because you are big doesn’t make you tough. Just because you are strong doesn’t make you tough. This is a gym not the Octagon,idiot. Also no one’s sport is greater than another. What you love I respect and expect the same in return. My sport isn’t the greatest but to me it can be but don’t be condescending.

2. I’m going to do a meet (contest) guy. These people maybe the worst. I love hearing a person who is motivated to try something!! BUT if I hear it for 3 years and you never do it then please go to someone else. I can do what you can. Really??? Then do it damnit!!!!! Easier to talk then do. They always have excuses why they can’t instead of why they can.

1. Lack of Gym Etiquette guy. This person sometimes I like. Why? They can fuel an otherwise stagnant workout. It has happened from leaving weights on the bar, to cutting in front of you when you are lifting, to bumping you while you are lifting because they are in a rush to do what they want or taking your machine from you without asking if you were using it. Common sense people. Sometimes common sense is not so common and the gym is where that holds true!!

Just missing the Top 10

Fashion Show guy/gal.I have never been mistaken for this,lol. At times I look like a pauper.

Until next time. Focus First.



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  1. Jona Leo /

    Amen!!!! Others that may have missed your top 10-
    – fitness fad people….. TRX anyone??
    – Trainers who were bartenders last week.
    – People who don’t know Jeff Snyder.

    Good stuff Pete

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