My training cycle offseason and meet season days schedule only. Master lifter will appreciate..

My training cycle offseason and meet season days schedule only. Master lifter will appreciate..

Apr 7, 2013

As we get older our body won’t recover as quick from training or from injuries. I started noticing this around 38 when my hips and legs were constantly tight getting up in the morning. I learned to start stretching when I get up. I followed this with (to me) the wonder supplement, glucosamine. This combo has helped me for the following years and I wish I started earlier if it would have offset  the tightness longer. I use to train the bench twice a week (heavy and light days) then I transitioned into training movements once a week to where I am currently every TEN days. YES 10!!  I am always going heavy and I have had no setbacks on the shoulders or tie ins. However I do this when I start training for a meet to counter the heavier poundage for the next 73 days. In the off season I go every 7 days (sometimes 8) to change it up and force my body to adapt. My body definitely can feel the more demanding workload with the less rest days but I am not going as heavy as contest and my movements(outside the 3 comp lifts) are quite different focusing on the secondary more to compliment the primary.

This is a cliff notes version. I will in a future post  breakdown the workouts and logic  as individual sessions.



Day 1 Legs (squats,deads)

Day 2 off

Day 3 chest

Day 4 off

Day 5 Shoulders/back

Day 6 Arms

Day 7 off

I cycle every 4 weeks shoulders flipping back with triceps. Likewise biceps day will be with back instead of triceps.

Contest Season(73 day cycle)

Day 1 Squat

Day 2 off

Day 3 Bench

Day 4 off

Day 5 Deads

Day 6 shoulders and back

Day 7 off

Day 8 Arms

Day 9 off

Yes I do everything once every 10 days. My training cycle for a meet starts 73 days out. 7 weeks of training plus 3 days of rest.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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