My Weekly Training Template – Frequency Training

My Weekly Training Template – Frequency Training

Feb 7, 2012

I’ve stumbled upon my bread and butter template a few years ago and never looked back.  It is centered around an increased amount of upper body frequency…or more simply, training the upper body more often.

This is what my training template currently looks like training for the Arnold Classic:

Sunday: OFF

Monday: HEAVY Bench Press Training / Lats

Tuesday: 75% Super Close Grip Training x3x8 / Squats / Shoulders / ABS / Grip / CURLS

Wednesday: Cardio x30 mins

Thursday: 85% Wide Grip Bench Presses x5x2-3 / Lats

Friday: 80% Medium Grip Bench Presses x5x3-4 / Deadlifts / Abs / Grip / Curls

Saturday: Cardio x30 mins


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