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Jan 31, 2014

My breakfast is boring. Like most of you oatmeal is a huge staple in my daily meals. I usually have my old fashion oats each and every morning with my eggs. 99% of the time I add something to it because the taste of plain oatmeal gets boring and old. On Facebook I stumbled across an oatmeal company, MyOatmeal . They are a provider of custom combination of oatmeal. And by custom I mean 22 BILLION different combinations available to meet your tasting options. The blends are organic and gluten free. The directions are easy to follow starting with what size/amount you want, how often you want this custom blend. Then just follow the steps for your flavor and additions.

So I talked to the owner, Anthony, and he hooked me up with some samples. I made my custom combinations of German Chocolate Cake, Carrot Cake, and Banana Bread. I used a combination of their instant, steel cut, and rolled oats as my base, added my flavor, tossed in some extras and natural sweeteners and boom, I had 3 custom blended oatmeals just for me. But you say, Paul, why would I order oatmeal online when I can get a flavored oatmeal in my store? Because your store does not give you 22 billion different options. Your store does not let you pick and chose what ingredients you want. You store does not only put in nature fruits, nuts, sweeteners, and flavorings.

Now getting to the main point of this review, the taste of each product. I really enjoyed the German Chocolate Cake and the Carrot Cake. I found both to be good solid flavors. I wished that I would have added more sweetener to each because it helped to really bring out more of the flavor. The Banana Bread was not my favorite. I just found it did not suit my taste. I would consider getting both of first two again, but I would also look at trying something different. And with as many options available I know that I would be able to find just the right combination for me.

Go check them out, you have nothing to lose. And if you decide to order use the coupon code, healthy15 , to get 15% off your order.



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  1. Clutch Barrett /

    LoL I’m gonna have to check that out. I think oatmeal tastes like pure shit. I’ve choked down hundreds of pounds of it over the years, and I still gag just thinking about it.

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