NAPF Bench Press Championships Starts NOW!

NAPF Bench Press Championships Starts NOW!

Sep 10, 2012

Mondays Training was overall not bad considering the pain in the shoulder.  My muscles actually feel really good and rested.  Felt like I could have hit a large raw press today if I wanted to.

Wide Grip Bench Press +RAM
365 x3
385 x4
405 x5 …maybe its ego talking, but I felt like I could have done about 15 reps.

PULLDOWNS 200 x10 / FLYES 20s x12
PULLDOWNS 200 x10 / DB Extensions 45s x12
PULLDOWNS 200 x10 / FLYES 25s x12
PULLDOWNS 200 x10 / Standing DB Extensions 45s x12
PULLDOWNS 200 x10 / FLYES 30s x12

More PUSHDOWNS and TRICEP WORK, multiple grips for multiple sets and reps.

Shoulder Horn x20
Side Raises x20
Front Raises x20
External Rotations x50
Band Retraction x30 each arm
Face Pulls x20

I could have gone WAY heavier with the RAM, but I didn’t want to push the shoulder all that much.  It is still hurting quite a bit, so I wanted to work up to a decent weight to test it out.  On thursday, I’ll likely do something similar with the RAM and a close grip, then try some wide grip benching, followed by some DB Military Presses and Bench Presses.

What I did prove to myself today is that I need much more weight on the pulldown machine.  It only goes up to 200, but I think that I found a way to add a lot of weight.  So, I’ll be focusing on that for this training cycle.  I’ll be using about 240-250lbs instead of 200.  That is unless I need to lower the intensity for whatever purpose.



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