Nationals Training

Nationals Training

Jun 25, 2013

While on my flight home I started to think about my training and approach going toward Raw Nationals. What should I do, what should I stick with, what works best for me, how much volume and intensity should I be using and at what level, do I test my maxes to see what I have left, and can I do this? Luckily I have some amazing teammates that helped me to answer these questions. Hell yes I can do this, its going to be hard but I will bust ass and become the best I can in the time I have. So what works for me and what is the main focus? The main lifts; squat, bench and deadlift. K.I.S.S came to mind, and not the band. Keep It Simple Stupid! Train to preform, train the main lifts as if each set was a competition. Train the commands for each rep. Each and every squat must be below parallel, each set up must be exactly the same so it can be repeated when the time counts. Each bench must be paused. Let me repeat that, each bench press must be paused. I have been pausing every rep, every set, every time. Why you ask? To make sure I don’t miss a weight not being comfortable with a long pause. Each deadlift must be pulled with more force and speed then the previous. I want to feel like I am ripping the floor up and leaving skid marks on the rubber floor as I grip it and rip it!!

This is what my training as looked like so far.

Week 1-

Squat 3×3 @ 8 rpe

Weighted decline sit ups 3×10


Bench 3×3 @ 8 rpe

Bend over rows 3×10


Deadlift 3×3 @8 rpe

Banded back extensions 3×10


Mobility day- I have been watching Kelly Starrett’s YouTube page to help with my mobility. If you have not checked him out its something that you will not regret.

Week 2-

I have followed the same exercises except doing a 2×3 @ 9 rpe.

I plan to progress to singles in the next week and follow that up with my competition prep sessions. In these sessions I will go through my warm up and doing 3 sets of my opening attempts. I will do such as if each one was my competition opener, following all commands. I will also be doing more video recording so make sure my squats are at depth, bench is stable, and deadlift is smooth.

Keep your eyes out for something big to happen. Check out all of my other teammates as well that are training also for Raw Nationals.


IA All Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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