Neutral head during deadlift

Neutral head during deadlift

Apr 10, 2013

I suck at this! Plain and simple I have a very hard time with this. I have been going over and over my video from the Arnold Classic and trying to figure out why I moved my foot on my last dead lift attempt. Over and over I see my body stay somewhat straight but I still shift my foot and miss the lift. Until I finally figured it out. Where your head goes your body WILL follow. I was leaning my head back, which in turn through off my balance and caused me to miss the lift.

So how do you correct this? How do you stop something from happening on the subconsciousness level? TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN!!!!!! You must reteach yourself to have a neutral head during the dead lift  But what do I mean by neutral head? Simply it means that your spine is inline and you do not super-flex your head backwards during the lift. Is this something that is easy to fix? Nope it sucks and I get pissed after watching my new videos and still see myself doing it when I start to get fatigued. My first couple of reps are good. I concentrate on tucking my chin to my chest and starring at the ground until I lock out. It feels strange and it has been difficult. I’m like an old dog, I will eventually get it right but its going to take me awhile.

Check out my training video from today and notice my head during the first few reps and then my last reps. I still have not learned but its getting better.

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