New and final mini cycle .Keeping it simple.

New and final mini cycle .Keeping it simple.

Jan 13, 2014

Well I am down to about 3 weeks till I start training for Worlds and 3 lift Master Nationals and I am getting antsy. I have been training raw ,raw from the supplements and raw from gear including a belt. I  will have gone 4 months without a belt while training legs. I have started incorporating supplements January 2nd but only creatine and glutamine. I take only 10 grams of each ONLY days I lift. When I start training for the meet I will be going 100% supplements and gear.

This week I started a new and final 4 week mini cycle. I went with a standard routine. Nothing fancy just basic benching with a basic approach. I will be doing your typical pyramid with percentages dictating the weight.  This maybe the first time I ever used the percentage word.I typically don’t go by percentages . I am also doing inclines and a couple weeks of RAM work for reps of 5-6 on the bench this final mini cycle. By the wau the same logic as last cycle on the grips is appled.I start narrow and work out till I get within 3/4 inch of comp grip on the 90% set.

Set 1 50% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 8 reps

Set 2 60% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 6 reps

Set 3 70% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 5 reps

Set 4 80% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 4 reps

Set 5 90% of projected 1 rep max touch and go

Set 6 50% of projected 1 rep max touch and go 10 reps as fast as I can go



As for rest of upper body nothing has changed, as in approach but movements have.

Here is the first week.



215 8 reps

260 6 reps

300 6 reps

340 4 reps

365 3 reps

215 10 reps fast as I can do them


225 8 reps 2 sets

275 5 reps


Reverse pec deck (to strengthen rear delts for stabilizing)

105,120,135 8 reps each

Machine side lateral raises

85 8 reps

110 8 reps

140 6 reps

Standing military press( All reps done fast and explosive even the last set.)

95 5 reps

125 5 reps

150 3 reps

185 3 reps


315 6 reps

445 6 reps

535 5 reps 2 sets

Lat pull

200 6 repsx2

230 5 reps

240 4 reps

200 8 reps


preacher curls

30 8 reps

40,45,50 6 reps each

standing dumbbell

45 6 reps

60 6 reps

T pushdowns

95 8 repsx2

110 6 reps

Standing tricep ext with bar

115 8 repsx2

135 8 reps

135 reps


Thanks to The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, IronAuthority, ATP Extreme ,Oxygen Factor, and RockTape.

Till next time.

Focus First.


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