New Family Member, Training

New Family Member, Training

Aug 26, 2013

Sooo!! First things first!  Mariah Hamm is a 21 year old powerlifter and I am so excited to have her be a part of our team!  I’m so excited to see her training split and read her posts!!  WELCOME MARIAH!!

On to my training this week.. I have felt SO unmotivated this week.  Yuck.  Oh well – here’s what I accomplished anyway 😀

Saturday was back, biceps, and shoulders.  Superset: Underhand Grip Pull Downs: 4×12 at 50lbs and V Bar Pull Downs: 4×15 at 30lbs, Superset: Reverse Grip Row with barbell: 4xFail with 45lbs and Alternating Hammer Curls: 2×8 using 20s, 2×8 using 15s, Superset: Bicep Curls: 1×12 using 20s, 1×12 using 15s and Military Press: 1×12 using 25s, 2×12 using 20s.  Then I felt like I needed more shoulder work so I did some med ball slams (on suggestion from my husband) 3×20 using 12lb med ball.

Monday was back, biceps, and shoulders.. See why this is confusing.  I have no idea why I did these again.. 😀  Superset: Barbell Military Press – behind head: 2×10 using 45lb barbell, 3×10 using 35lb barbell and Barbell Military Press – in front of head: 2×10 using 45lb barbell, 3×10 using 35lb barbell.  With these, I took no rest.  Just went straight from one into the other!  Triset: Front Raise: 4×8 using 12s and Lateral Raise: 3×8 using 12s, 1×8 using 10s and Lying Lateral Raise: 3×8 using 12s, 1×8 using 10s,  Superset: Hammer Grip Row Machine: 1×10 at 75lbs, 3×10 at 75lbs and Hammer Grip Lat Pulldown: 1×10 at 75lbs, 1×10 at 70lbs, 2×10 at 65lbs, Superset: Bicep Curls (holding one arm at 90 degrees while curling with the other, then switching sides): 1×8 using 20s, 3×8 using 15s and Rope Cable Curl: 4×10 at 15lbs.  Weird that I did back, bis, and shoulders again.. but this still proved to be a great workout!

Tuesday was legs. Superset: Bosu Kettlebell Squat (standing on flat, black part of Bosu): 4×20 using 30lb kettlebells and Reverse Pistol Squats (both sides): 4×8, Squat Lunge Lunge (holding barbell, squat, lunge right, lunge left counts as 1 rep): 4×10 using 45lb barbell, Superset: One Leg Ball Squat (ball is behind back on wall, one leg sticks out while squating): 4×8 each side and One Leg Box Squat: 1×8, 3×8 holding 10lb plate.  Sumo Deadlift: 4×10 using 45lb bar.  Even though this didn’t seem like much and there wasn’t a lot of weight used, it was HARD!  And I was very sore the next couple of days.  May do this one again this upcoming week!

Wednesday night, I took off.  I was sick and really tired.  I used it as an improtu rest day!

Thursday was chest and tris.  Bench press: 6×12 at 75lbs, Superset: Flat Bench Flyes: 4×12 using 20s and Incline Flyes: 4×12 using 15s, Superset: Decline Chest Press: 1×12 using 15s, 3×12 using 25s (realized 15s were way too easy!) and Bench Dips: 1×30 feet on floor, 3×20 feet on bench, Pushup Finisher: 4xFail on knees, alternating wide and narrow hands.

Friday was legs again.  I used a workout video that we have the gym.  I didn’t think it really did anything.  Seemed to be a lot of cardio mixed with strength.  Don’t get me wrong, this can work too.  But I like to lift heavy and feel sore. 😀  Maybe this is a bad way to be, because I know that soreness isn’t always a good thing and isn’t necessary to be accomplishing something.. However, it’s just what I like to feel.  Makes me know my muscles worked hard!

Saturday was back, bis, and shoulders again.  Hahahaha!  Looking back on this, I realize those were my favorites this week.  I need to focus on some chest and tris this week!  Lol.  Anyway..  Superset: Bicep Curls: 3×8 using 20s and Row Machine: 1×12 at 60lbs, 1×8 at 80lbs, 1×8 at 90lbs, Superset: Standing Decline Hammer Curls (stand on decline bench in semi-squat): 3×10 using 15s and Kettlebell Rows: 3×10 using 50lb KB, Superset: Lat Pull Downs: 3×8 at 70lbs, Barbell 21s: 3×21 using 35lb barbell, Superset: Front/Lateral Raises: 3×8 using 12s, Rear Raises: 3×8 using 12s.  I then did a Daily Burn video that was all Back and Biceps.

Came out of last week feeling like I slacked a lot.  Except for Tuesday legs which was awesome.  Picking it up this week and going to try to step up the intensity!

On a high note: my biceps (flexed) have grown from 10.5 inches post competition to 12 inches!!!  Wahoo!!!  Grow baby, grow!! 😀  Everything else is growing too.. not necessarily the way I want it to, but on the bright side – I have boobs again! 😀  Hahaha!  Just keeping it real!


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  1. Carmella /

    What! How are you making your boobs grow?!? Yes out of all the great info this is the piece I need to know lol! And inch and 1/2 on biceps….DANG GIRL!! 🙂

    • Hahahahaha!! Carmella!! You crack me up! Just by putting on some weight, bulking as the industry refers to it. Sadly, I think the minute I start to cut again, they will be the first things to go. I’m attempting to get to a point where I don’t bulk/cut.. It’s more of a soft/wet look vs. hard/dry look. That’s what I’m going for, but for now I’m fluffy and have boobs! I better cherish them while they last. (Maybe someday – like after kids – I’ll just go buy myself some boobs! Ha!)

      And thanks about the biceps!! I’m pretty freaking excited. 1.5 inches in 3 months. 🙂 Yay! Feeling like at least some of this weight is going where I want it!

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