New Opportunity

New Opportunity

Nov 17, 2013

Saturday night I was sitting in my home doing some shoulder therapy and I received an email saying I was invited to lift in the SSP Nutrition Raw Bench Challenge. I opened the email and it stated that I was invited to a new competition at the Arnold Sports Festival. It is officially called the USAPL SSP Nutrition Raw Bench Challenge. It is a raw bench competition for a cash payout with first place going to the highest Wilkes. It combines men and women. Others invited were names like Dennis Cieri, Matt Baller, Pedro Mejias, Jennifer Thompson. With all things being equal my Wilkes wouldn’t top the list but this is one of those competitions that would solidfy me as being one of the best. I can’t believe the roller coaster ride I have been on in the last month and a half with powerlifting. This has motivated me even more to begin training. I will rest one more week and beginning November 24th I will start lifting and doing cardio to wake up my body. Then December 1st its on. I am truly blessed to be where I am at in life right now. Thank you to my lord and savior Jesus Christ which I neglect to say but mean it everyday. Thanks to my sponsors Iron Authority, ATP Extreme-a great supplement please try it out, Primo Chalk- truly lives up to its advertisement, and Anderson Powerlifting-The best in powerlifting gear period. God Bless and I’ll talk to you soon.


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