New Program – Time to lean out!

New Program – Time to lean out!

Jan 6, 2014


Well, I lifted Monday – but it wasn’t anything spectacular.  I want to start with sharing my new program!  I started this on Friday after taking Tuesday-Thursday off for some recovery time.  I’m am officially in the process of completing Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Shred on  So far – love it!  It’s a whole different style of lifting and I’ve come to appreciate the joined lifting and cardio.  The workouts are designed like this: 3-4 sets of whatever exercise followed by 1 minute of some type of cardio.  It’s brutal, my legs have been sore since Friday (since most of my cardio exercises involve my legs) and I’ve felt great.  I’m down another 2lbs already!

I’m also following the meal plan and the hardest part of the whole program has been getting in all the food.  I’ve struggled to put in the prescribed 2000+ calories, but it’s been nice to be EATING.  You burn a TON of calories in this thing, so eating a bunch is definitely necessary!  Anyway, here are the first workouts.  Some things have changed off of the original program, but you can look that up yourself if you are interested!

Day 1: Chest, Tris, Abs.  2 minute warm up: Step ups with knee raise.  Barbell Bench Press: 4×9-11 at 65lbs.  1 minute: Step Ups.  Incline DB Press: 3×9-11 at 20-25lbs.  1 minute: Barbell Clean.  Decline Smith Press: 3×9-11 at 65lbs.  1 minute: Run in place.  Dips: 4×9-11 with 25lb plate on legs.  1 minute: KB swing (I used a 25lb plate).  Close Grip Bench: 4×9-11 at 55lbs.  1 minute: Barbell Clean.  Cable Crunch: 3×9-11 at 35-45lbs.

Day 2: Shoulder and Legs.  2 minute warm up: Step ups with knee raise.  Barbell Shoulder Press: 4×9-11 at 45lbs.  1 minute: Step Ups.  Standing Alternating DB Press: 3×9-11 at 15-20lbs.  1 minute: KB swing (25lb plate).  Smith Machine One Arm Row: 3×9-11 at 15-20lbs.  1 minute: High Knees.  Barbell Squat: 4×9-11 at 95-105lbs.  1 minute: Box Jumps.  Barbell Deadlift: 3×9-11 at 85lbs.  1 minute: Med Ball Slam.  Walking Lunge: 3×9-11 holding 15lb dumbbells.  1 minute: Mountain Climbers – these kicked my butt and I had to stop a lot.  I’ll be doing these more often!  1 minute: Lateral Jumps.  The end of the this workout called for calf raises but mine were already sore from the day before and the 2 days of cardio I did before starting this program!

Day 3: Back and Biceps.  2 minute warm up: Skipping in place.  Bent Over Barbell Row (regular grip): 4×9-11 at 55-60lbs.  1 minute: Skipping in place.  Bent Over DB Row (DBs parallel to body): 3×9-11 at 20-25lbs.  1 minute: Goblet Squat (you hold the DB vertical at chest height), 23 at 50lbs.  Seated Cable Row: 3×9-11 at 45-50lbs.  1 minute: Box Jumps, 25 reps.  Barbell Shrug: 4×9-11 at 60-65lbs.  1 minute: DB Step Ups, 18 holding 15lb DBs.  Barbell Curl:  3×9-11 at 45lbs.  1 minute: KB Swings, 36 using 25lb plate.  EZ Bar Preacher Curl: 3×9-11 at 23lbs.  1 minute: Med Ball Slam, 23 using 10lb ball.  Reverse Barbell Curl: 3×9-11 at 23lbs.  1 minute: DB Lunge, 28 holding 20lb DBs.  Seated Palm Up Wrist Curl: 3×9-11 at 5-10lbs.  1 minute: Burpees, 20 reps.

Day 4: Chest, Tris, Abs.  2 minute warm up: Fake Jump Rope – I didn’t have a jump rope available!  Incline DB Flyes: 3×12-15 at 15lbs.  1 minute: Fake Jump Rope, lol.  Flat Bench Flyes: 3×12-15 at 15lbs.  1 minute: Step Ups with knee raise, 24.  One Arm Cable Crossover: 3×12-15 at 10lbs.  1 minute: Squat Jumps, 43.  Tricep Pushdown: 3×12-15 at 17.5-20lbs.  1 minute: Box Shuffle – I took this as jumping in a box shape with feet together.  Not sure how many I did.  Overhead Extension: 3×12-15 at 20lbs.  1 minute: KB Swing, 36 using 25lb plate.  Cable Lying Tricep Extension: 3×12-15 at 20lbs.  1 minute: Goblet Squat, 24 at 40lbs.  Crunches: 3×12-15.  1 minute: Run in place, 50.  One Arm High Pulley Side Bend: 3×12-15 at 15-17.5lbs.  1 minute: Jumping Lunges, 50.

There are 2 more days this week, with a rest day as well.  I would like my rest day to be Monday; however, it may be Thursdays instead.  Either way, I just want a day to sleep in! 🙂  This style of workout is awesome.  I’ve been struggling to get my cardio in and this puts it right in the workout.  It also keeps the workout interesting and not boring.  I’m burning twice my usual calories with this program!  EAT UP!

Have a great day and week!  See you next time!  Here’s a selfie for the road! 🙂



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  1. Great program just finishing up week 3 myself, havent done the nutrition side of it and have to change some of the exercises as do at home so don’t have some of the equipment but loving it anyway. Keep going! Cheers Rob

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