New training program for the Arnold Ohio Classic

New training program for the Arnold Ohio Classic

Nov 15, 2013

So because I have the iron bug and a sickness for the sport of power lifting, I have already begun to plan out my training for my return to the Arnold stage. I actually started planning the night after the Ohio State Championship. I was so hyped up after this meet that my mind would not shut off all night. I could not sleep, I just continued to think about what I needed to do and what I want to accomplish.

I know that I must improve over these next couple months if I want to be a Ohio Classic champion again. I know my bench has to improve and I have to preform on the platform. I must hit over 400 if I expect to be competitive at the Arnold as well as I continue on my power lifting journey. I know I have the strength and determination to accomplish this, I just have to make it happen.

I know that my deadlift has to be outstanding. I am expecting myself to hit 650 at the Arnold. I have to hit this because I want to be closer to 700 by Nationals next year. I know that I will need to bust my ass to improve my technic so I can hit these numbers.

Looking head to my training; which taking these weeks off is killing me but overall I know it is for the best; I expect to have about 12 weeks to put in as much work as possible. I began to look over my training cycles from this year and realized I needed to regain my focus each training day. Before I had my work load spread out over a 4 day split; I would hit my main bench one day, do some floor presses another…. But for me to accomplish the goals set before me I am changing to training.

Pyramid Training Method- This is something that I have been thinking about lately that just makes sense. Think of your training as a Pyramid with your main lifting goal at the top. Lets start with my squat, it sits a top of your Pyramid and is supported by a powerful base and strong sides. This base and side are your accessory movements that help to support your squat. For my squat in increase so must the pyramid that is supporting it.

So how does this break down into training? On my squat focused day I will start with my main squat for the given reps/sets/rpe. I will continue to support my squat with reverse band squats, sumo dead lifts, leg press, and abs. For bench I will begin the day with my main bench, reverse band bench, close grip bench with chains, dumbbell bench, and lat pulls. For my dead lift focused day I will start with my main dead lift followed by block pulls, deficit dead lifts, weighted back extensions, and abs.

Is that it? Only three main training days? No, not exactly. Every other week with change in volume/intensity. As well As I plan to have a fourth deload/ technical mastery day on these changing weeks. With this upcoming 12 week cycle I plan to do a minimum of 6 week s of volume alternating fatigue percentages with my deload/TM day every other week. So to explain in more detail I will start week one with hitting each movement at a 5@9 rpe. I will progress to week 2 still hitting a 5@9 then add in a fatigue percentage. I will rotate these FP’s from 5%, to 3%, to 7% during this training cycle.

Continue to follow my progress as I plan to add more detailed information regarding my overall training aspects. Also more to follow with the Pyramid Training Method and how you can implement it into your own training both inside and outside of the gym.


IA All Day!!


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