New Years Resolutions? Bah! Humbug!

New Years Resolutions?  Bah!  Humbug!

Jan 1, 2013

2012 was a great year coming back into the sport of powerlifting! After the 15 year break I started out fairly weak in 2011 preparing myself for two opening meets in October and December, 2011. Through good training and associating myself with two good teams (Progressive Power and Team Stone) I graduated from local to national and finally to a World meet. However, I didn’t make huge gains, most likely due to way too many competitions. On the other hand, they were raw and training cycles are not terrible.

2013 is my year for equipped lifting, well the start anyways. A change to training, getting used to equipment, finding equipment that will fit properly, diet, using what I learned over the past two years to push forward – oh, yeah, already seeing huge gains! Biggest thing – being able to do it all drug-free using only basic vitamins and supplements!

Career has been doing well, although I traded time that I would normally publish and write for training. Well worth it as the difference between before I started back into powerlifting and my recent past body type are quite different. Even now that I am hovering at a constant 300+, I am watching the right measurements changing. I plan on spending more time writing both for my profession (engineering) and sport in 2013. That is not a resolution, that is a fact.

Why do people feel the need to do the New Year resolution thing? It only lasts until the least resistance and then everyone seems to do what they normally do – at least 98% of the population. This is the time when the serious athlete has to compete with the sloth who invade the gym for 2-12 weeks with the intention of ‘getting into shape.’ On one hand, this is one of the peak seasons for new gym memberships, which supports our training opportunities, on the other hand, for about three months we are dodging inexperience. Just today, in the commercial gym I go to, I was using the cable system for triceps pulldowns. I finished my first of two sets, leaned over to increase the weight, and a newbie started to remove the cable attachment while I was still there! Of course, they were ‘corrected’ on the spot.

For someone who truly is trying to improve themselves, regardless of the improvement, a commitment should not require a ‘resolution,’ which is usually an half-hearted self-promise that will not hold up. Things such as ‘lose weight,’ ‘better grades,’ and other related resolutions do not generate real change. Real change comes from a commitment, willpower and inner strength.

Therefore, brothers and sisters, do not make resolutions. If you have the commitment, willpower and inner strength, make the decision to pursue your dreams. 98% of the population is incapable of accomplishing this. Are you the 2%?

Training Update:

I have been working on increasing strength and training equipped. My original planning was put to one side due to an issue with time available for training. I changed the programming to a volume/strength program and will be switching back to a speed program for several weeks.

12/21/2012: Bench 2xbarx10, 100×8, 140×5, 230×4, 280×2; shirt 385×3(3bd), 420×3(2bd), 440×3(1bd), 455×2(2bd), 470×3(3bd) – PR; Face pulls 2 sets of 20; Rows 2 sets of 12; Triceps 2 sets of 20; Standing flies 2 sets of 20.

12/22/2012: Squat 2xbarx8, 2x155x5; brief 245×5, 335×4, 385×2, 425×2, 445×1, 475×1 – PR; banded glute-ham.

12/24/2012: SLOW Pause Press Reverse Bands: Raw 2xbarx8, 135×5, 225×4, 275×3; Super Ram 315×3; Reverse Bands 405×3, 455×2, 495×2; Rev bands and Super Ram 545×1, 565×1, 2x585x1; Rope Triceps Pushdowns 2x120x20; Rope curls 2x80x20; Military Press 3x135x20

12/26/2012: Deadlifts (deload) 2x135x5, 225×5, 315×3; tight briefs, learning 2x315x3, 385×1, 455×1

12/28/2012: Bench: Raw 100×8, 140×5, 230×4, 280×2; loose shirt 385×3(2bd), 420×3(2bd), 440×2(1bd, touch), 460×2(2bd), 480×3(3bd)- PR; JM Presses 3x50x16; Chest Rows 90×12, 135×12, 180×12.

12/29/2012: Squat: 2x155x5, 245×5; briefs and wraps 335×4, 385×3, 425×2, 475×1, 515×1 – PR

12/30/2012: Reverse Banded Box Squats: Raw 135×5, 225×5; loose briefs 315×5; briefs and wraps 405×3, 455×3; Add reverse bands 495×5, 545×3, 585×3, 635×2, 655×2, 675×2 – PR

1/1/2013: Reverse Banded Pause Bench: Raw 2xbarx8, 135×6, 225×5, 275×3; Super Ram 315×5; Reverse Bands 405×5, 455×3, 495×3; Rev Bands and Super Ram 545×2, 565×2, 585×2; Neutral Grip Wide Pulldowns 2x120x20; Wide Grip Cable Curls 2x80x20; Wide Grip Cable Triceps Pushdowns 2x120x20; Standing Crunches 2 sets 30 forward, 2 sets 15 each side.


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