Jun 25, 2013


The Ninja is silent but deadly, much like the fart. You may not hear it coming but it will kill you with ease just the same. The Viking on the other hand is a loud crazed warrior, like the the bloody anal gas explosion from a 600lbs squat. You may be cold, wet and just plain scared when its all over but you will be the one standing tall!

I am going to give you a series of questions to see if you are a Ninja or a Viking. Answer them honestly.

1.  As you are crossing the River of Fire heading home from A victorious battle,  screams are coming from your castle.  In the distance, you see your two bodacious babes OR handsome hairy hunks screaming for help as the enemy gets closer to them.  How are you going to get into the castle to rescue them?

a)  Throw a grappling hook and scale the castle wall silently.

b)  Kick the door in while wielding your battle axe and yelling at the top of your lungs


2.  Now that you’re inside  and surrounded by the enemy, you choose to:

a)  Run to the shadows for your hidden throwing stars and poisonous darts.

b)  I have a battle axe DUUUUHHHHH!


3.Now that you’ve destroyed the enemy and must refuel, what do you eat

a) Sushi and seaweed salad.

b)  A live bear starting from the paws and working your way up…just for the challenge.


***Please leave your answers in the comment section and a staff of highly trained  warriors will send you your answers if they haven’t killed each other.

The moral of the story is they both got the job done. Yes, one had a little more finesse but both have honed their skills over the years to where they are both some of the best warriors in history. The Ninja and Viking  have their own techniques far different than each other but if the enemy is on the ground and you have won does it really matter if one is louder than the other.  There are people that are calm and people that are maniacs when approaching their lifts in training and on the platform. One no better than the other. Just different ways of mentally preparing for Battle. Find your true self and go down in history as one of the best!








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