No Bake Protein Bars

No Bake Protein Bars

Jul 19, 2016


                                                  NO BAKE BRICKHOUSE PROTEIN BARS



If you’ve been in the fitness world as long as I have, then you’ve had your fair share of REALLY bad protein bars. They’re loaded to the gills with stuff a NASA scientist would have a hard time pronouncing. The nutritional facts are horrible, with some having only 8-10 grams of Protein (Don’t worry I’ll fix that) over 350 calories (Don’t worry I’ll fix that too) and over 10 grams of fat in them (I got this). The protein being used is of an unknown source most of the time and to top it all off, they have the nerve to charge you an arm and a leg for something that quite literally leaves a bad taste in your mouth.


Luckily I’ve been around long enough to make all these mistakes for you.

OK, I’m gonna cut to the chase.


Here are my No Bake, No Hassle, No B.S., Protein Bars.


There are only 4 ingredients and I promise you will not need a mad scientist sized brain to pronounce them.



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  • 2 cups Plain rolled oats
  • 3Tbs of Peanut Butter or nut butter of choice
  • ½ cup + 2 tbs water



  • Place all ingredients in a bowl and mix until combined.

You can use a spoon but its way more fun to use your hands.

  • Spread flat into Tupperware or pan
  • Place in refrigerator for 2-3 hrs to set
  • Cut into 8 to 10 pieces depending on caloric needs.


***PRO TIP**


Spray a little nonstick cooking spray on your hands for easier clean up.


Here’s the best part.

Serv (1 square/10) Serv (1 square/8)
Total Cal – 160.1 Total Cal – 200.1
Pro – 17.45g Pro – 21.8g!!!
Carb – 12.9g Carb -16.1g
Fat – 4.3g Fat – 5.3g


Check out that Protein!!! You’re not going to find that in any store for this price, this taste and only 4 ingredients.




  • I recommend eating these in between meals to help hit your protein needs.


  • I also recommend these for after training. If you simply don’t want to drink anything else because you’ve been downing water and sports drinks during your training, just eat one of these.
  • By the way. These will obliterate those sweet cravings!


I hope you enjoy them.




Jack DiBenedetto

Owner: Brickhouse Fitness & Powerlifting


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