No No No I Refuse to Get Older

No No No I Refuse to Get Older

Aug 16, 2016

1932463_10203411939883122_88718040_nYesterday by the time I went to bed, I was the Lion!  I had one heck of a bench accessory training evening, was handling multiple projects, working on building out the new gym… it was great!  I was energized and ready to go for today.

Woke up this morning grumpy, complaining about those darned Millennials, dragged myself out of bed, and started complaining about aches and pains.  Turned on Facebook and LinkedIn and started responding to 100’s of messages.

Oh, yeah, I turned 50 today.

The end is near.

Just kidding.  When you consider how many powerlifters there are that are still lifting into their 80s and 90s – I am still only part way into my expected powerlifting goal of a bench competition at 100… in gear.

Basically, I still see myself as quite young in powerlifting and the career that is paying the bills associated with it.  Heck, I even got up this morning and did a Donnie Thompson Bow Tie because I was going to be typing today…


What do you mean?  Thats the way I ‘remember’ it….

Then later I will be working on deadlift.  I did a little investigation, however, as things just seemed a little heavy…


I started competing, again, just as I turned 45, after a 15 year break, and have enjoyed being able to compete in the Masters division (M2).  Now, I get to compete as a Masters 3 with my next competition being WPC Worlds and expectations to do a bench only competition in December.

Am I concerned about finally hitting mid-life?  Not really, I’ve accomplished a lot in the first 50 and have managed to keep my sense of humor… ok… I’ve lost it a few times.  But if I didn’t I wouldn’t have what it takes under the bar. Besides, these days, who knows if it actually mid-life?

‘But don’t you get weaker after 50?’  I got to see Roger Ryan as the first person to break 700 bench press at 60+ recently.  Now I have a goal!  The funny thing is that, while my lifts have dropped briefly due to travel and bad programming (my bad – chaotic travel), I am actually getting stronger even more so than prior to my injury several years ago.  Except for deadlift – that still sucks.


^^An average meal while I was working in S. Korea a few weeks ago… I actually LOST 10lbs that week^^

The key is understanding fluctuations with training as you get older.  I am a drug-free lifter which also means as I get older I am adjusting my training to allow for proper recovery and learning to turn off the aches and pains that come with handling greater than average weights.  I’ve learned that I also have to dramatically adjust my diet as with all of my travel and a good portion of my career requiring time in front of the computer, and two books in progress, weight started spiraling up a bit.

We all have different body types and chemistry – this comes into greater emphasis as you compete against Father Time.  As you progress forward you are constantly compensating for those changes.

In reality, I would not change a thing.  I have two successful kids, I own my own businesses, I am having fun doing what I enjoy, I have enjoyed everyone I’ve met (even when there are disagreements), I enjoy having had the success that allows me to give back on my own terms and a great woman beside me.  I do not grieve over the time behind me, I am looking forward to what’s in store in the next 50 years and beyond.


Masters 3, huh?  Yeah, bring it on!






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