No training for me this week

No training for me this week

May 16, 2013

This week was not a very good week for me as far as training goes. I took the whole week off and did not lift at all. About 2 weeks ago I started getting pretty severe lower back pain and on Monday I came down with a head cold. So all week I felt like crap and one thing I know about my body is it does not respond well when I train while I am sick.

I think I found out what my back pain came from and that was my glutes and hamstrings were very tight. I tried everything to get rid of the back pain but nothing worked. I noticed that when I stretched forward I felt tightness in my glutes and hamstrings. After a few days of icing, heat and rubbing my back and no relief I thought maybe if I stretch out my legs at night and before bed this might help, and it sure did help. On Sunday I could barely sleep now on Thursday I have almost no pain at all. So anybody that is suffering from lower back pain, maybe give stretching a try and see if it works you too.

I woke up on Monday and felt like my head was going to pop off my neck, I knew then that I was coming down with something. Left work early on Monday which is chest day so I thought if maybe I went home and rested I could still make it to gym but I was wrong. I got home around 2pm and slept all the way until the next morning. When I woke up I called in sick and focused on getting myself better. While I am feeling better my body still aches a bit so I decided to just stretch out my whole body this week instead of going to the gym and risk hurting myself. One thing I learned over the years is my body does not respond well when I am sick so that is why I decided to take the week off.


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