North Chicago Lifting, Yours Truly in the News and Post Vacation Training (UGH!)

North Chicago Lifting, Yours Truly in the News and Post Vacation Training (UGH!)

Sep 9, 2012

Back in town this week and in San Francisco next week. With that, I felt it would be appropriate to discuss the gym in Illinois where I really got my start back into powerlifting in 2011: Progressive Sports Performance, 2775 Sherman Road #110, Northbrook, Illinois ( Owners Erv and Lea-Ann Domanski have been extremely helpful in all aspects of the sport, organize several of the APF/AAPF meets in Illinois, and also co-locate the Raise the Bar program mentioned in an earlier posting concerning Team Stone and Right-Fit.


Squatting at the 2012 Chicago Bash on the Progressive Power Team

In 2012 Progressive Sports Performance assembled the Progressive Power Team, of which I am a member for my raw competitions in 2012, including the WPC Worlds in November. The gym is a combination of open membership and scheduled powerlifting training several times during the week and Saturday. There is also a key membership program. The location is excellent for the North Chicago region and the powerlifters – some competitive and some not – are fairly regular. The powerlifting team page is on


Progressive Power Members (left to right): Carrie Goldstein, Erv Domanski, and Talia Bensinger-Colton. Carrie and Talia competed in Masters (Raw), won their divisions and took a record or two!

For equipment, the gym has a monolift, competition bench, multiple deadlift stations and a variety of special bars and support equipment for speed-strength, strength, powerlifting, strongman and other sports-specific training. Not to mention an excellent GHR, prowlers, reverse hyper, safety racks, leg press and more. Overall, a one-stop shop for the powerlifter in training!


Shane Cohan at 2012 Chicago Bash in Single Ply (Equipped)

The team made an excellent showing in the 2012 APF/AAPF Chicago Summer Bash with teen Shane Cohan and master lifters Carrie Goldstein, Talia Bensinger-Colton, and I coached by Erv Domanski.

For the 2012 Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Benchpress (APF/AAPF) meet held at the Progressive Sports Performance gym on October 20, 2012 (, there is a fundraiser being held for the Autism Society of Illinois ( The event and fundraiser are being organized by Erv and Lea-Ann. Please feel free to contact them through their website if you are interested in sponsoring or donating.


Yours Truly in the News!

Well, now we’ve done it! The newspaper announcement for Team USA WPC worlds came out. Here is the link to the Lombard, Illinois copy:

This includes the ‘Pennies for Pounds’ fundraiser for the Autism Society of Illinois for the total weight I will lift in both raw bench press and full power meets at Worlds.


With Talia Bensinger-Colton Training for the Bash

Latest Training and Notes – UGH!

The trip to Croatia and Serbia was far more intense than I expected. A lot more walking, hill climbing, strange temperature changes, jet lag, diet and any other excuse I can think of! All I can say is this week’s training truly sucked! The point is that I did make it in and did the best I could regardless of the strong pull to wimp out!

Last Tuesday – HealthTracks Health Club – ‘beach muscles’ and shoulder day. Went well but light.

Wednesday – deadlifts at Team Stone – something I ate or the new pre-workout drink I tried. Spent more time squatting in the bathroom than deadlifting. Yeah, gross, but a strong lesson in not changing anything while training for a meet!

Friday – Bench and bench shirt at Team Stone – not too bad, even with the elbow ding from the trip. It gave out (weak) on the last bench shirt attempt (excellent spotters and a special safety system added to the rack). Light volume due to dehydration and switched to shirt after accomplishing my planned opener for November as I will be lifting bench equipped at the Rise of the Deadlift/Beast of the Bench.

Saturday – Squat and make-up deadlift day at Team Stone – Not horrible, but not the best. Still worn out from my body rebelling on Wednesday (triggered two days of fluid loss) and still not feeling ‘right.’ Low volume squatting to my planned opener. Tested briefs for first time, too, for one set. To give you an idea of the fluid loss, new multi-ply briefs were extremely tight on Wednesday, slipped on practically fell off me on Saturday – measurements around hips and waist were down over an inch! Deadlifts – low volume and problems with form.

The point is still making it in, leaving the ego behind, and going for it. My personal critique is that there was a physical setback that I let get to me mentally. A bad combination – but it does happen even though I don’t take it very well.

Keeping my supplements to an ‘active male’ multivitamin, glucosamine & chondroitin, whey protein isolate, ZMA after heavy work days and cycling creatine monohydrate leading up to the meet. Dropping pre-workout drinks. Added some additional vitamin B and Gatorade (normally I do water only and rely on food and supplements for electrolyte replacement) for mood and fluid replacement this week.


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