NOT a fan of super high rep ranges..

NOT a fan of super high rep ranges..

Jan 27, 2014

Another week!  I’m hoping to start another program here soon.  Competition prep is going to be in full swing in no time!  I’ll be sharing more about that later!  I’m not going to type out each and every exercise this week.  I’ll highlight the stuff that was awesome or that I think is important – but I’ll let you look back to get all the exercises.  Same workouts, on repeat from week to week, with different rep ranges!

Friday, Day 15: Chest and Tris.  This is the same workout as Day 1, but reps are changed from 9-11 to 2-5.  It was really heavy and I appreciated the change of pace.  It made the workouts shorter too!  I benched 110lbs for 2 reps!!  I was super excited about this; however, I’ve gotten 135lbs for 1 before so I  know it’s not all that I’m capable of.  I think it’s a mental thing – and a form thing!  I did incline press with 40s!  This was a PR for me!! It was a great start to the week and I felt really good.

Saturday, Day 16: Legs and Shoulders.  Great workout again!  I definitely like the smaller reps and heavier weights.  I did squats at 155lbs for 5 reps!  Wahoo!  Going up for sure!  It felt great.  I’m wishing I could get my hip flexors stretched out.  I feel like they hinder my ability to get lower on my squats while keeping good form.  Any advice out there for something to help my hip flexors would be appreciated.  I’m considering hitting up a chiropractor to see if maybe some adjustments would help!  Either way, I was REALLY excited about the squats!

Sunday, Day 17: Back and Bis.  It was another nice and heavy day.  I ended up doing barbell curls for 5 reps with 50lbs.  I’m hoping they are growing!  My shoulders have always been well developed, but I’m trying to build up the biceps to make sure I continue to look proportional!

Monday, Day 18: Chest and Tris.  Oh sweet Lord – the rep ranges changed to 21-30 reps!  Are you kidding me??  Sweet Jesus, I’m going to be here all day..  Well, I did it anyway.  Not much to say about this because I felt like a complete wiener the entire time.  The high rep range forced me to go lighter in weights.  Not my favorite thing, but it seems to be working as far as gaining me strength – so I’ll continue.  I did notice though that the weights I used to use for the 12-15 rep range, I can now use for the 21-30 rep range!  Not bad!  I cut off the Standing Oblique Crunch just to get out of the gym in a decent time.

Tuesday, Day 19: Legs and Shoulders.  This workout was exhausting but yet I felt like I did nothing.  I was super tired, ended up coming in at 5a.m. with Glenn, and then cut the workout short (didn’t do any of the calf raises) because all I wanted to do was go home.  I ended up being pretty sore from it but it was nothing spectacular.  I am seeing an improvement in amount of reps I am getting for my minute long cardio between each set!

Wednesday, Day 20: Back and Bis.  This workout was a joke.  Another day I am in early morning.  That is just not a good time for me!  I ended up cutting stuff out and leaving early.  Ugh.. The longer the workouts, the longer the week.  It’s seeming that the end of the week workouts suffer just due to complete exhaustion.  I’m looking to do better at that this coming week.

Well there you have it.  Not a terrible week, but I’d definitely like to improve on some stuff.  It’s the start of Week 4 now and I want a change.  There is only 3 weeks left and then I’m hopping into something completely different for competition prep.  I’m still debating on whether or not to hire a coach and if it’s in my budget.  Problem is, I don’t want to waste money on a competition if I don’t think I’m ready for it.  It’s all really expensive, there is no hiding that fact!  Time to save my pennies!


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