Not training log, still important!

Not training log, still important!

Sep 30, 2013

Hello, hello, hello!

Wait, who are you again?! Short term memory loss is a side effect/symptom/whatever you want to call it of having a brain aneurysm. HA!  With my genetic disposition to ditzy-ness (love you, mom!), this added “disability” is interesting and really funny at times!

So I went to the doctor.  Actually, I went to the neurosurgeon in Iowa City to discuss my “options”.  Now I don’t know your past experiences with doctors, but discussion options never seems to have a positive side.  I feel like you always have to choose between the least of a few evils.  After meeting with the neurosurgeon very shortly and having him explain what an aneurysm is (which I’ve now heard/read about 1000 times), he broke into what my few evils are.

1. Observation.  This is fine and dandy, but in the long run the aneurysm could burst.  Then my options become death (~30%-40% of the time), if I happen to survive the explosion – a neurological dysfunction such as brain damage, stroke, paralysis, or coma (25% of the time), and lastly, I survive and am mostly normal.  However, if there is a hemorrhage of the aneurysm, a re-hemorrhage occurs 20% of the time and within in 2 weeks of the initial rupture.  The physician told me this option is mostly for people in their 40s-60s since many big life things (marriage, children, etc..) have passed for them.

2. Pipeline Stint.  This is a procedure where they get to the aneurysm via a catheter starting at the femoral artery – yes, the large artery in your thigh.  Yes – they snake the catheter up from your groin area to your brain, crazy right?!  They find the aneurysm’s exact location and size by dying the area and looking at it up close and personal.  Then, a small metal tube is placed in the artery so it blocks the opening of the aneurysm.  This stops blood from rushing in and eventually the aneurysm shrinks/goes away.

3. Clipping.  Here, they cut open your skull, visualize the aneurysm, and put a small titanium clip on the neck portion of the aneurysm.  This does the exact same thing as the pipeline stint; however, you have the pleasure of getting your entire head cut open!

SOOO – what did I pick?  Well, I decided to go with the pipeline stint.  This is what the doctor recommended as well.  He said this is what is recommended for people my age.  It is less traumatic (obviously) than getting my skull cut open.  But why did he recommend surgery?  Well, because I am a woman and I am young.  Aneurysms are 3 times more likely in women.  I want to have kids in the future – can you say head pressure?!  Any woman that’s pushed out a baby can vouch for that one!  OH!  AND!  Being 24, I have a lot of life ahead of me and a lot of goals – one huge one being lifting/competing.  This involves heavy lifting – shocking, I know – and surgery is basically my only option.

BUT!!!!!!!  I’m allergic to nickel.  Seemingly a pointless allergy – I can’t wear inexpensive jewelry, woopty doo.   OOOH BUT WHY WOULDN’T IT COME UP NOW?!?!  DURING POSSIBLY ONE OF THE MOST IMPORTANT TIMES IN MY LIFE.  That’s right folks.  The pipeline stint is made of a metal alloy and is NOT recommended for people with nickel allergies.

So – we wait.  The neurosurgeon is checking with the company that makes the stints about placing it in a person with a nickel allergy.  The angiogram, originally scheduled for Wednesday October 2nd, has been postponed until more information is found.  We are waiting because I decided I only wanted to go through all of this once.  Anesthesia is hard enough, let alone having the same surgery twice.

Point is – I just wanted to inform everyone with where I am in all of this.  Flustered, hopeful, scared, annoyed, faithful.  And honestly, the last one only comes because I have no other choice.  I must have faith in the doctor’s, in God, and in myself.  I’ll keep everyone posted and I would love to answer any questions that anyone may have.  I’d also appreciate any prayers/positive thoughts that anyone could give!  You don’t have to comment on here, you don’t have to believe in the same God as me, but please just keep me, my family, and my head in your thoughts! 😀

For now, I leave you with this.  Thank you Katy Perry for making this song at the perfect time – to remind me of EXACTLY WHO I AM!!!!  Iron Authority, baby!!

“I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire

Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.
 Louder, louder than the lion
Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.”

Abby Beenblossom 038


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