Nov 1, 2013

IA…..Give us a little background about yourself.

First I am a proud father of 2 teenage boys. We live in Pottstown, PA along with my girlfriend. I am a multi-national champion in both the master’s 3 lift nationals and master’s bench nationals.  I started lifting at 15 to play football but was told I was too small. I weighed 105lbs in 10th grade. I started lifting with the intention to play as a junior but I liked the gains I was making and never went out for the team. I graduated at 138 lbs. I competed in bench only meets and bodybuilding( not very good) till I was 20. I stuck with bench meets. I benched 315 raw at 150 pounds at 18. A few years later I started 3 lift competitions. From 1998-2005 I stopped competing in 3 lift meets due to having 2 kids, going to school, and working a full time job.  I did this in order to be a father who was at home. Lifting was not more important. I went from the 220 class down to the 198 class during this time. My bench responded to all the additional recovery by not training legs. In 2005 after some time management changes I incorporated leg training BUT only 3 months a year so I could do the PA State 3 lift meet. It wasn’t till 2011 I would start year round training and competing in 2+ full meets a year.



IA…What federation do you lift in?  Why?

Since 2004 I have been with the USAPL. I am drug free and like competing against athletes like myself. I also like competition so I like that the USAPL is the biggest in the US and is affiliated with IPF on a global scale. I also like when a lift is done in the federation there are no questions or doubts on the legitimacy of the lift.

IA…How do you feel about steroids?

Well there is nothing lower then a guy who juices and competes in a drug free contest. That shows absolutely no character. As long as they compete in the non-tested feds and understand they are only stronger because of the juice then I don’t care.

IA… What supplements do you take?

I take in the offseason ATP Extreme, glucosamine, zinc,  and caffeine (before a workout). Contest training: glutamine (up to 40 gram a day) creatine ( I take it 9 weeks out and reload in the 6th week),ATP, beta alanine, glycerol, vanadyl sulfate, glucosamine(double the dose up to 3000mgs a day) and zinc.

IA…Do you compete as a master or open?

I do both in bench nats but only in masters in full meets. The open national’s guys are no joke. I know where I stand and I am comfortable with it.

IA… What are your best lifts? Meets? Records?

90 kg bench 551 equip as a master

90 kg bench 440 raw

90 kg squat 584

90 kg dead 578

93 kg bench  578 as a master(2013 bench nats)

93 kg bench 573 as a master (2013 3 lift nats)


  • 2010 USAPL National bench raw 198lb  First
  • 2011 USAPL Masters Nationals 198lb first
  • 2012 USAPL  Masters Nationals 93 kg first
  • 2012 USAPL Masters Bench Nationals 93 kg first(masters) 3rd(open)
  • 2012 IPF Masters Worlds 93 kg Bronze overall——- Silver bench
  • 2013 IPF Masters Bench Worlds  93 kg Silver
  • 2013 USAPL Masters Nationals 93kg First
  • 2013 USAPL Bench nationals 93 kg First(masters) 4th (open)
  • 2013 IPF Masters Worlds 93 kg Bronze overall —silver bench


4 USAPL national record and multiple state records.


2013 IPF Masters Worlds


IA…Have you always been successful in competitions?

(laughs) Hell no. Up to 2005 I was a good state level bencher and didn’t even consider myself a full lifter. When my bench started getting towards national level numbers I decided to try nationals. 2006-2009 was my not my best years in life or bench nationals. I BOMBED 4 straight meets!!!! 0 for 12.How the hell does that happen? It happens when you are not in the right state of mind or life .My life (outside my kids which is excellent) sucked. It was miserable. I tried my hardest to keep positive in front of my kids. I tried using the negativity as energy in the gym but no matter how hard I tried I could not keep it from bleeding into my training and the negative aura just infected my mind. Those 4 meets I bombed  had the widest array of how to miss an attempts(called me for my shirt sleeve too long) After my 4th bomb I remember saying “I don’t belong with these guys. I am not in their league.”

IA… So how do you go from “not in their league” to where you are now?

2010 my life changed by meeting my current girlfriend, Lori. She introduced something I saw and felt instantly. She brought a positive aura and it influenced me in taking a different approach to everything. I disassociated myself from people who brought negativity, stress or pessimism. Surrounded myself with good karma.

2010 Bench nationals is where it started. I decided to start anew here and competed raw. I took first. After this I went back into gear. 2008-first half 2011 my bench was stuck at 524. I decided if I am going to do nationals geared I needed to be better. My mindset was in the right spot now I needed my body and technique in the right spot too. I needed a tweaking so I went to Niko Hulslander(owns Vision Fitness , is a trainer and an awesome raw competitor). He got my bench straight in 1 workout. Thanks Niko!

Since then I have increased by 55 lbs and won 2 bench nationals in the masters division.


2013 IPF Masters Worlds Bench Prague

IA…What made you go 3 lift? Which kind of competitor do you see yourself as?

2011 I did PA states full and Rob Keller said I should think about Masters Nationals. I did and I placed first in my age division. I have won masters nationals 93 kg 3times for my age division. Since states that year I train year around as a 3 lift competitor but I know my forte is the bench. I do see myself as a full lifter that just has a great bench to counter some of the great squats or deads I run into. The total at the end is what counts and it doesn’t matter where it all comes from. However I cannot beat a real good 3 lift athlete where his squat and dead are like my bench.


IA… You have been in 3 worlds. How did you do and thoughts?

I have been in 2 Masters Worlds full and 1 Masters Worlds bench. I enjoyed the bench in Prague. Never being to Europe and being my first world bench meet was awesome. My girlfriend and I loved it.  I placed second .I never have had 5 other masters open with 540 before in my weight class. That kind of depth is incredible. Also when the awards were done the Japanese( first place winner) pulled both myself and third place Norwegian up to the first place stand with him. A true sportsman.

The 2 world full meets I did same thing both years, bronze overall and silver bench. I had my best total ever in September 2013 Worlds .I went 8 for 9 last year and 9 for 9 this year.

I enjoy the people from both teams and forged new friendships which I hope continue. I enjoy watching other countries show their pride by singing their anthem as it plays, awesome. Also I look forward to the 2014 Master worlds in England hopefully I can perform as well as earlier this year.





2012 IPF Masters Worlds Killeen,TX

IA…Training philosophy

Focus First is my motto. Train hard, train focused and train to win. You can’t control the other guy’s lifts so focus on you.


It is not all about brute strength but about how you approach the weight. Leave the ego at the door. As a master I have learned better approaches in all aspects of training and believe this too is a reason to my recent success. You are never too old to learn or make gains.

IA… You train in gear year around?

No. For bench 4-5 workouts out from a meet otherwise pound the triceps raw all the time. As a master I rotate heavy movements. I call it sponge training.


Keep healthy so I can stay at a high level. Keep winning as many nationals as possible ,both ways, and hopefully still make personal records. Eventually ,if I am lucky, win a World meet. Best chance is at Masters bench Worlds.

IA… Fear(s) in training?

When I no longer am looking to “gain” but “maintain”  in my training.

IA…Something different here ,ready?


IA… One thing that may surprise people. 

Well I wrote a book Monkey See it is a serial murder mystery.


IA…Pet peeves? Dislikes?

Facebook and selfies .Shirts off or skimpy dressed. Hello, look at me.  That is so insecure. Once in a while is fine but every day??? How old are we?

IA… Music on Itouch?

 While training Dropkick Murphys, Skillet, Disturbed, Old school rap, Of Mice and men. Otherwise almost anything.

IA… Favorite movies? 

Well there are a lot because I like all genres.

IA… TV Shows?

Shows on Investigative Reports, Criminal Minds, Walking Dead, Discovery channel

IA… Activities? 

Theater(Cirque ,RiverDance, etc) ,dining, movies, Amusement parks,

IA… Hobbies or interests? 

It is a little all over the place but I enjoy computers, collecting antiques, movies, paranormal, cryptozoology, myths and lores, reading about serial murderers.


IA… Anything else you want to say?

I want to thank my girlfriend Lori for her sacrifices and for being my biggest supporter. You started this and deserve all the credit. Thanks Mitchell and Mason for supporting me and for listening to me or at least pretending to about my meets.

I want to thank Iron Authority for giving me a forum to help others or express my views on a bigger platform than a social media site.

I also want to thank my sponsors: The GYM and Tan Line, Titan Support Systems, ATP Extreme, RockTape and Oxygen Factor. Without them the progress and gains would be much more challenging.



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