Oct 13 Champions Training Day Seminar

Oct 13 Champions Training Day Seminar

Sep 20, 2012

Champions Training Day

Price: $325.00  


What do Ed Coan, Brian Siders, Jeremy Hartman, and Mike Tuchscherer have in common?

Besides being awesome Powerlifters, they will all be in Indianapolis, IN on October 13 to teach you everything they can about being strong!

Who:  Ed Coan, Brian Siders, Jeremy Hartman, and Mike Tuchscherer
What:  The Champions Training Weekend
:  October 13th from 9:00 AM until whenever you’re done!*
:  Franklin High School, 2600 Cumberland Dr, Franklin, IN
*Lunch will be provided

Tentative Schedule
8:00AM:  Introductions, general warm up
8:30AM:  Squat Instruction
10:00AM:  Bench Instruction
11:30AM:  Lunch
12:30PM:  Deadlift Instruction
2:00PM:  Assistance exercises*
3:00PM:  Roundtable until the questions and discussions run out!**
*some coaches want to highlight ways to make assistance work more effective
**We fully expect this to run a couple hours or more.

LEARN BY DOING: We’re going to have four of the top Powerlifters in the US at this seminar to coach each of you through your lifts.  That means you’ll get more help with your technique this weekend than most lifters get in a career.  You’ll get more tips, pointers, and general advice on things like programming, assistance exercises, and the mental aspects of being a champion strength athlete than you could ever get from asking questions on the internet.  There’s nothing quite like having a several IPF medalists watching each of your lifts and helping YOU get stronger.  All speakers plan to be dynamically involved – each coach watching, critiquing, offering advice, moving from station to station, calling over other coaches for second opinions… You’ve never seen anything like it.  And we’re capping it at 30 lifters, so you’ll get plenty of instruction and interaction with all of the coaches.

Picture this:  You show up to the gym for a day of training and learning everything you can about getting strong.  You get there and start warming up for squats only to have your technique observed and adjusted by Ed Coan (as well as all the coaches).  You work up as heavy as you want having some of the greatest American powerlifters watching and coaching you through your training.  During your session, Ed Coan tells you about the setup he used when he squatted 1038 weighing 242 and helps you identify how you can use that setup to make your own squat better.

After you’re done squatting, you move on to the bench where Brian Siders teaches you about his setup, how he uses his bench shirt (or raw technique if you prefer).  The other coaches chime in too and toss you some ideas about which assistance exercises will work best for you.  Same kind of first-class treatment – as you go through, you get quality coaching from some of the best in the world.  Perhaps he’s able to identify some key weak point or assistance exercise you’ve been overlooking that makes a huge impact on your bench.

Then we break for lunch, which will be provided.  This allows everyone to sit and eat together.  While there, you sit next to Mike Tuchscherer and pick his brain about how you can incorporate auto-regulation into your training cycle.  He gives you some step-by-step, applicable advice on how to make your training cycle better.  Or maybe you’d rather talk about Strongman training with Brian, or any other topic with the other coaches.  It’s your golden opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals and get some insights on what sets them apart – so you can set yourself apart too!

After lunch, you pick up with the deadlift.  This time Jeremy Hartman teaches you how to better involve your lats in the deadlift and maybe that small adjustment leads to a PR pull that very afternoon.  How could you not PR with that many IPF medalists cheering you on?  Afterward the other coaches share their thoughts on how you can continue to improve and set more PR’s in the coming weeks and months.

Great day of training, but you’re not done yet.  Now we have a roundtable discussion where guys can ask questions, swap stories, and generally exchange knowledge with the panel.  The main intent is to get you stronger.  And this continues as long as it takes!  You’ll get a chance to ask Brian how long do his workouts take, or ask Jeremy what has changed about his deadlift over the last two years.  Or maybe you ask Mike for some advice about training alone or ask Ed about how important he thinks lat work is for deadlift training.  And you get to keep asking questions, listening, interacting, and absorbing information.  Until you get all you can handle!


I can’t tell you quite how awesome an opportunity such as this is.  It will be an entire day of hands-on, truly World Class training information.  We will motivate you, but we won’t stop at motivation.  We’ll coach you, but it won’t stop when you leave the doors.  The things you learn here will make a difference to your strength and training long after you leave here.  It will make you a better, stronger lifter and that will make the motivation the kind that lasts.  PR’s will prove to you that the coaching matters.  This is NOT an event that you’ll want to “wait for the DVD”.  It will be far more valuable to get this information in person and get it NOW, not six months or longer from now.  Seeing it in person will heighten the impact one hundred fold.  There’s no substitute for this kind of coaching.  None.

Not only is this too good to pass up, but we’re giving an early registration discount!  Register for the seminar before Friday, September 21 and get $50 off!  But buy now because after Friday, the price will go up!


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