Oh.. Hello HIIT

Oh.. Hello HIIT

Mar 12, 2014

Week 5 has basically been the same as week 4.  I’ve rearranged my cardio a little bit to make sure I get in my HIIT and don’t skip out on it!  Seemed to work well.  Instead of taking Wednesday as a complete rest day, I’ve put my HIIT on that morning.  Thinking I’ll add another one to Sunday, as needed.

I was also using the AMT machine for my cardio recently, but today I ventured on to the treadmill for sprints.  Phew!  It’s a whole different burn and it felt awesome!  I have stayed away from running ever since my last competition.  Honestly, after running for an hour every day for 4-5 weeks, I was done with it!  But.. back to it I went.  It was only 2 miles of intervals (30 seconds sprinting, 1 minute walk/jog) and only lasted 18 minutes.  Not bad!  That’s something I can stick to.  I’ll definitely do sprints from now on and try to keep it to 1-2 days a week.  I’m not wanting to cardio my muscles off, so I’m only doing it as needed for fat loss.   It felt great though – really refreshing and something that I feel I can improve on  the more I do it.  I can definitely tell that I haven’t been sprinting very much!!  I was dripping sweat. <– Yummy.

Leaning out is SO SLOW.  It’s been hard to stay motivated with my eating, especially when we are going out/hanging out with friends.  I obviously want to be a part of the fun without blowing my diet.  I have stayed alcohol free the entire time!  Honestly, I don’t miss it.  Although, occasionally, I crave a margarita.  🙂  Week 6 diet gets much more strict than Weeks 2-5 and I’m actually really looking forward to it.  I’m hoping that I really see some fat fall off during that time.  It’s been really nice to have Glenn around this prep – he’s been very supportive of it all.  Meal prep, what I do and don’t eat, etc..  I’m not sure he’s ready for the next few weeks, but he did mention that I’m almost halfway.  That’s what makes me know I need to crack down.  I’ve seen some leanness coming in my arms, but the next 7 weeks – it needs to be the rest of my body.  After that, I’m not sure what I’ll do.  I’ll have to pick a show between now and then too.

So much to do, but I can and WILL do it.  It’s hard but I want to reassure my friends and family that this time is going to be different and much better!  I’m eating much more, not cutting back on my fat intake as much, and have so far been a much happier person!  Let’s hope it stays that way!!!

Until next week!



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