Ohio State Championship Training

Ohio State Championship Training

Sep 4, 2013

I just started my fourth week of training for the Ohio State Championships November 9th. I am still in my extended volume cycle and will be for at least another week. After wrapping up my volume cycle I plan to move right into a high intensity cycle for a couple weeks capped off with a mock meet. This should put me about three week or so out from the competition.

So how has my training been going so far? It sucks, its hard and a lot of volume does take a toll on the body. How are my numbers go far?  Not where I thought I would be at this level. I have been working in sets of 4@9 rpe with a fatigue percentage drop varying from week to week. I do this for my first two exercises followed by 2@9 of a third exercise and wrapping the day up with a 5×5 of my last movement. Have I  seen improvement? Yes I am taking baby steps.  Will I squat 600 tomorrow or the next day? No but I will continue to take baby steps until I reach that level. My numbers are increasing but very slowly. I have gone up to 445 on my squat, 355 on my bench, and 465 on my deadlift. These numbers are not great, but I am building not maxing. Also I have been training mostly as minimal as possible. I have not had my belt on since raw nationals. I have only been using my knee sleeves and wrist wraps. I am forcing my lower back and core to get stronger.

Will I reach my goals? Yes I will. I will continue to take my baby steps all the way back to that top.


IA All Day!!


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