OKed to Work the Uninjured Side #RoadToRecovery

OKed to Work the Uninjured Side #RoadToRecovery

Jul 15, 2013

What the heck – seeing as they were manipulating my patella, which is riding about 2+ inches high following surgery, I asked – now that I am allowed in the gym, can I work the uninjured parts?  Answer – why the heck not?  Great!  Glad to have my coach, Joe Atef, get me out and into another gym!

Extremely light dumbbell presses while I learn how to balance, rowing machine, shoulders machine.  However, seeing as it was above 90 F in the gym I kept it limited as I still have to keep the thumb wound relatively dry.  And yes, I was wearing my IronAuthority.com Beast shirt – otherwise I wouldn’t have risked it!!

Felt good working with iron brothers and sisters – participated by holding boards a few times.  So, what is keeping you back?  When injured do you hide and recover?  Or do you continue to work and support your teammates?

In the meantime, preparing to do live video in several venue!  Have also been volunteered, gladly, to work the scoreboard at the AWPC Worlds and live video at the CanAm, Chicago Bash, and AWPC Worlds.

Keep training, my friends!


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