One Month #RoadToRecovery

One Month #RoadToRecovery

Jul 4, 2013


[Above: Less than one week after accident – day after knee surgery.  Try to slow me down – I dare you!  Comment from PT – “You weren’t even supposed to be able to sit up.”]

At one month from the injury I am no longer using the walker, but I am using a crutch for balance and to take a little weight off the left leg. Tomorrow the pins come out of the thumb and then a few weeks later I can start handling weight. However, that does not stop me from working on flexibility, something useful in doing even mundane tasks.

Surprisingly, the strength in the remainder of my left hand appears to be improving [grip] and issues with my right thumb that plagued me in the past are gone. The effort to bend and maneuver things appears to be having a positive impact on my lower back and abdomen, as well as weight loss from the recovery process.

The challenge really has been exhaustion. Both with the body using energy to heal and attempting to take care of business and personal responsibilities over the last month have taken their toll. A few times I would just “shutdown.” In a few of the more interesting cases, I would be reviewing technical documents and then suddenly wake up realizing I had fallen asleep all reading and continued dreaming that I was still reading.  Wait… that’s normal…

I’ve had to learn and adapt a few new skills such as trusting working with programs such as Dragon NaturallySpeaking for written technical documents, articles, etc. Training others to perform tasks at work that I used to keep close has also been a challenge.

Because of the exposed pins one of my favorite pastimes– working with my team – has been difficult.  However, I should be with them and then visiting gyms within the next week, or so.

One of the positives I have taken from this, as I have mentioned before, is the chance to take a step back so I can break a few bad habits. Over the past year I jumped from a 420 pound raw squat to looking at breaking 800 pounds with custom multi-ply gear. I had problems with my raw squat and bench press that carried over to gear as well as problems with working gear in the deadlift.  Now I have an opportunity to reset.

As a result, I have been reviewing my training and competition videos and have been running “virtual” training sessions in which I envision proper form and how it should feel. Also reviewed progress I was making and, assuming six months from the injury before putting real weight on the leg, with a restart and retraining of the leg I’m setting a goal for the thousand pounds squat within the next 36 to 48 months. Because only the thumb was injured, I intend to break 600 pounds in the bench [need leg power] by summer 2014. Looking to improve my gear deadlift by spring 2014 – hopefully increasing over my low 500s deadlift from the past.

In the meantime, I am looking forward to supporting my teammates starting next week and running the live broadcast of the 2013 CanAm benchpress competition on July 20, 2013. The live coverage will be broadcast on


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